The Amazing Race – Russian Roulette

The Amazing Race – Russian Roulette The Amazing Race this week was full of crazy surprises – missed flights, lost passports and an infuriating ending. Click through for a full recap!


Russian Around

This week’s leg of The Amazing Race kicked off with all the teams heading to Moscow, Russia. Or if you’re Trey and Lexie, you ask around for a flight for a while, go get some Popeye’s Chicken, and then eventually get back to, you know, running the race.

The teams were on three different flights – connecting through Amsterdam, Munish and Frankfurt. Unfortunately for the lovable Beekman Boys, and Abbie and Ryan, their first flight was delayed which meant they missed their Frankfurt connection. All the other teams were in Moscow, and they were looking at arriving the next day.

Detour: Synchronized or Alphabetized

In Alphabetized, teams had to search for four books using a foreign-language cataloging system. In Synchronized, teams had to perform a synchronized swimming routine with future Russian Olympians. Personally, I’m a terrible swimmer so I’d have gone for alphabetized. But if you were a strong swimmer, then the other challenge sounded easier.

James and Abba went for the letters, while the Chippendales went for the Speedos. No surprises there! The young Russian swimmers looked rather…distracted. But the swimming was pretty hard, and even Team Magic Mike had a hard time with it. Team Twinnie also chose “Synchronized”, which made sense, since they have synchronized twin minds – but like the Chippendales, they struggled.

Eventually, the rockers found Alphabetized too hard and switched. Trey and Lexie were also trying for alphabetized, and after a while they started to have some success. They ended up completing the Detour first. And the other two teams? Oh yeah, them. They were in Warsaw at this point. What a bummer.

The Chippendales finished in second place, with Natalie and Nadiya in third. The rockers, who’d switched challenges, were the only ones left.

Lock ‘n Load

For the next challenge, teams had to unlock ten special locks from the Russian “Tree of Love”. It was a little time consuming, but not difficult. Once teams did that, they had to figure out that the image on the back of a ruble was their pit stop. Trey and Lexie arrived as team number one, with the Chippendales in second and Twinnie in third. Darn – I really don’t like them, but they’ve been a pretty strong team. I can see them making the finals, easily.

The Amazing Race – Russian Roulette

At this point, James and Abba had fallen behind as they’d switched challenges. Then, when they finally finished the Tree of Love challenge, their cab driver had taken off – with all their stuff. Yikes. Most teams leave their stuff in the cab to make sure it waits, but this is the risk you take. The thing is, you ALWAYS keep your passport on you. Al. Ways. You can continue running the race without extra clothes. You can’t check in without your passport.


The Amazing Race – Russian Roulette Let’s talk about Abbie and Ryan and the Beekman Boys’ decision to work together for this leg of the race, knowing that they were the only two teams so very far behind. I understand that they bonded, but really? It’s a race. I know I’d be tempted to jump on that mat half a second before the other team in order to stay in the game.

They didn’t have a choice for the Detour anyway, because the library was closing soon – they had to do synchronized swimming. That was easy for Abbie, who has a dance background, but not for the Beekman Boys.

So when Abbie and Ryan received their next clue, they decided to wait for the Beekman Boys to also finish. They made an agreement and it’s nice that they kept it, I guess, but that was weak sauce. Fight! Fight to the death!

To be continued…

Speaking of weak sauce, WTF? The episode ended with Abbie and Ryan choosing to wait for the Beekman Boys, and with James and Abba searching for their passports in order to check in. To be continued? Come on. That’s not fair. We have a deal, TAR! (FYI, if you watch the scenes from next week, it gave a little something about those three teams away. Don’t mention it in the comments please, because some people choose not to watch those previews.)

I still can’t believe James and Abba bothered to go to the pit stop, they should have known they wouldn’t be able to check in. Finding the cab driver should have been priority number one, and now it’ll be way harder for them to track their stuff down.

What did you guys think of the episode?

The Amazing Race – Russian Roulette


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