The Bachelorette – In The Nick Of Time

Oh, The Bachelorette. What nonsense! These episodes always end on a cliffhanger, and then pick back up with all the drama the following week. Which meant that we were still dealing with the Clint and J.J. stuff this week.

Kaitlyn confronted Clint about what the guys had been saying about him, they argued and she sent him home. But before he left, he tried to get J.J. to back him up, and he didn’t. LOL! Some BFF. They had a very strange fight, where they said mean things to each other with their faces about three inches apart.

I assume that 99% of this is fake, so it’s impossible to care. Clint’s an idiot. J.J.’s an idiot. One of them is gone now. Clint was actually the only guy to leave, because Kaitlyn cancelled the rose ceremony.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

I’ve always hated that grammatically incorrect lyric. Anyway, Kaitlyn and the dudes went to New York.

The group date was a rap battle. Kaitlyn can put together a funny rhyme and she’s goofy, so I guess this at least suited her more than the ridiculous physical battle dates we’ve seen so far. The raps were all terrible, obviously. J.J. embarrassed himself the most by calling women “hos” in his rap. Classy.

After the rap battle, Kaitlyn “randomly” ran into Nick, the villain from Andi’s season. He was there with Ashley I., who was on The Bachelor with Kaitlyn last season. It was all so fake and set up – Kaitlyn admitted that she’d developed a friendship with Nick through social media, but it was OBVIOUS he was there because the producers want him on the show. I bet Kaitlyn had a pretty good feelings that he’d be appearing at some point, too. Nothing on The Bachelor(ette) is an accident.

Kaitlyn told the guys she was thinking about letting Nick join, which was a stupid thing to do. Obviously, they weren’t going to be thrilled with that news.

The guys reluctantly told Kaitlyn it’s her show and she can do whatever she wants. Justin got the group date rose, and overall the tone of the group date was pretty awkward.


Kaitlyn told Nick to meet up with her while she was getting her hair done before a date. Ashley S. was her hairdresser, and she seemed WAY more normal than she did on The Bachelor.

After getting her hair done, Kaitlyn went and met Nick on a foggy street corner. WHO EVEN DOES THAT? I would have like, a shower cap on to protect my hair from frizzing.

Kaitlyn decided that Nick should join the show, and they kissed. Ugh, no one even liked Nick when he was on The Bachelorette, right? He was pompous!

The Night We Met

Kaitlyn met Jared at the Met for their one-on-one date, which was pretty damn cool. This is a date that I am very jealous of. (Also, her hair looked different than it did after Ashley S. did it, PROBABLY BECAUSE IT GOT FRIZZY WHILE SHE SPOKE OUTSIDE WITH NICK.)

Kaitlyn said she had a hard time focusing on what Jared was saying, because she was thinking about Nick and the guys’ reactions. Awesome. Great. Poor Jared had no interest in discussing other guys with her, yet she brought it up. Anyway, Jared’s really into her and Kaitlyn gave him a rose. Their night ended with a helicopter ride, because Bachelorette.

Out of Tune

The next day, Kaitlyn broke the news to the guys that Nick would be joining them. Obviously, they were displeased.

The group date took guys to the broadway show Aladdin, so they could all sing and dance and humiliate themselves! What fun. The best singer was Ian, but the winner is always the person with the most heart – in this case, Chris. They had a date and he got a rose, it was pretty boring.

Once again, the show ended on a cliffhanger: how will the guys react to Nick arriving! Spoiler alert: not well.

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