The beach trip

I love going to the beach, always do. Halifax is right next to the ocean, so I could see and feel it everyday. It’s just that the water in Halifax is too cold, even in the summer, so I rarely go. But when I’m on vacation, I have to make sure I go to the beach at least once. And it happened last weekend. We took the train, stayed one night at the resort and came back the next day.

This was the view from the pool side, where we spent most of our free time. Far out, behind the coconut trees was the beach. The waves were quite high, not ideal for wave jumping – Squirt’s favorite beach activity, so she enjoyed playing in the kiddy pool. Lots of people were out windsurfing or skiteboarding though.

Being concerned about the sun, we only jumped in the pool when the sun is down, with layers of sunscreen. But many people were sunbathing and swimming all day long. Scary, isn’t it?

We were spoiling ourselves there, with fresh air, nice view, beautiful pool, and good seafood. I felt so refreshed, my mind was less tired and I could focus better. All thanked to the magic of the ocean.

The train ride home wasn’t as fun, as we arrived an hour later than expected. As a result, I missed my junior high reunion, which sucked. I haven’t met those guys and girls for so long, am always curious how they changed. The family stoped by a good restaurant before heading home, as we were all too tired to cook.

I realize, with this vacation, I have become a family girl. I appreciate the concept of family a lot more, eat at home more frequently and enjoy spending time with my parents. I had a great time with the trip, and believe my parents did too. I guess now that I have to manage taking care of my own family, I value my big family like never before. Now that my sis has her own family, everybody is still very close in the family. I’m blessed.

So, Christmas is just a few days away. Not much going on here, except many stores and restaurants had decoration on – fake snow and stuff, quite funny. Are you all ready for the holiday?

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