The Before You Invest reading list v. 2

Allow me to start off this reading list with a contest you don’t want to miss, that closes today: Get Smarter About Money invites you to win free gas and Beat the Price at the Pump. Go. Enter. Moving along… In “Six Investing mistakes to Avoid“, I mention the difference between investing in collectibles and investing for your financial future. In this next post, Retire by 40 rants about how a Wii is not an investment, and the general overuse of the “invest” by retailers trying to make us feel better about spending our money. Let’s Talk About Investing warns investors to be extremely wary of wealth enhancement seminars. Jennifer Stewart at MoneyVille describes how easy it can be (honestly) to build a $61,500 RESP. Of course, if it is too late to follow Jennifer’s plan, Money Smarts Blog gives helpful tips on how to make the most of your RESP even if you don’t start until your child is older, in The Last Minute RESP. Young and Thrifty gives great advice in the post What your Credit Report Knows that You May Not. Having recently moved out of my house for renovations, I appreciated Alan Schram’s post at the Canadian Finance Blog on the many costs of moving. Boy, do they add up quick. And I will close with two posts about Registered Retirement Income Funds, or RRIFs. Jim Yih at Retire Happy has published an online guide to RRIFs – everything you ever wanted to know, and maybe more. And Jim Yih again writes about RRIFS for Mintlife, in RRIF Basics: 4 Common Questions on Registered Retirement Income Funds. (I hadn’t actually noticed this was also him until posting it just now. Well done,. Jim.) Of course, if things go as predicted, we won’t need to worry about RRIFs, will we? On that happy note, I sign out and hope you enjoy your long weekend. Related posts:The Before You Invest reading list A change in my schedule had led to me often…This week in investing and personal finance It’s that time again. Here’s what I have been reading…This week in investing and personal finance It’s been a busy week, and there is lots of…This week in investing and personal finance A series of special events and after hours presentations has…This week in investing and personal finance It is Friday, and the end of my first week…Tagged as: contest, links, RESP, RRIF Share & Bookmark This Story! Bookmark on Delicious StumbleUpon Google Bookmarks Tip’d


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