The Best Strategies To Use In Canadian Casinos

With Canada relaxing its laws around gambling, many Canadians are trying their hand at different casino games – whether that be in a land-based casino or an online one. Some people find themselves drawn to slot games, but others feel more at home with table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and poker.

If you enjoy the strategy and competitiveness of card games as well, here are some betting strategies you can use to improve your bankroll. Before you start letting loose on the felt though, always remember to read reviews – like this PlayOLG casino review – for the casino you’re thinking about playing on!

Strategy 1: The Martingale System

The Martingale is one of the most well-known and used betting strategies. It’s so popular thanks to its versatility – it can be used on pretty much any card game you find at a casino. The basics of the system are simply upping the next bet whenever you lose a bet.

The system is designed for players to generate substantial wins in a relatively short period of time. This comes with the downside that you require quite a big pot to do so – it’s advised that you build up quite a decent bankroll before attempting the Martingale.

Even though it’s very simple, it’s one of the riskiest betting systems out there. If you don’t have the bankroll for it, then you can quite quickly bankrupt yourself! The system works best on any game which has bets that have odds of 50/50 or higher – such as the colour selection on Roulette

Overall, the Martingale is a very popular system thanks to the fact that losing doesn’t really matter – it’s down to your bankroll. If you are going to use it. Make sure you set aside an amount from your full bankroll and don’t go over that.

Strategy 2: Positive Progressive Betting

This type of strategy is very useful if you’re playing roulette. This is the reverse of a negative progressive betting strategy, which raises your stake after losing. With a positive progression, your plan is to minimise and cut any losses.

 The idea behind this strategy is to simply pick an amount – such as $10 – and then add that amount onto the bet each time you win. When you lose, you go back down the same amount.

Using this style of betting strategy requires self-control and some patience – you need to be able to control your bets when you win and not get emotional when you lose either, sticking rigidly to the system.

There are a few different types of positive progressive systems – including the pivot system, which is much more in-depth than the basic one we described here, with a pyramid-style betting system in play.

Strategy 3: The James Bond Bet

This one is specific to roulette and is from the infamous master spy himself – he played this system in the old Casino Royale film. This is an interesting bet in that it covers 67% of the wheel!

The James Bond strategy is quite complicated though and means you have to work out percentages of bets. The overall bets you place are:

70% of your bet goes on the 19-36 group.

25% of your bet goes on the 13-18 line.

The last 5% goes on 0.

There you have it – 2/3rds of the wheel cover! Whilst this is quite a safe method, to make any decent profit you will need a decent bankroll.

Betting strategy to avoid: Bankers’ Bets

Quite a few online casinos include what’s known as side bets or bankers’ bets on their table games. Whilst these bets may be enticing – they come with a downside. This downside is the fact that many of them come with a commission and actually decrease your chances of winning. This extra bet will also cost you more money as you’ll have to place another bet.

You can often find these side bets on Baccarat and blackjack, although there are new iterations of these table games coming out!


As with any of the strategies featured in this article though, all of the table games in a casino come down to one thing: Luck. These strategies will make sure all of your bets are productive, but there is no strategy that works 100% of the time – and anyone who says they have developed one is trying to sell you something!

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