The Big Bang Theory: Just Desserts

The Big Bang Theory: Just Desserts Sheldon Cooper is condescending. Sheldon Cooper is rude. He has no social filter and says whatever is on his mind, because he doesn’t know how to just be polite. We’ve always known this about him on The Big Bang Theory.

The funniest, and often the meanest, way that this takes shape is how he views his friends’ careers. I believe he’s occasionally shown respect for Raj. He thinks Leonard is a joke. And Howard, well, he’s just an engineer!

Howard’s lack of a doctorate has always made him the butt of jokes – all he has is a Masters degree! In engineering! Ha ha ha! For us it’s hilarious, but for Howard it’s misery. Sheldon is the worst offender, and this week on The Big Bang Theory Howard finally had a chance for revenge.

Howard could still learn a thing or two about how to seek revenge from Emily Thorne, but he did a pretty damn good job. When Stephen Hawking visited the university for a lecture, Howard was given the opportunity to be his personal wheelchair engineer. Sheldon wanted to meet the legend, the only person he considers his equal, and Howard held all the cards.

So Howard made Sheldon do various humiliating tasks, from polishing his urine-stained belt buckles (ew, by the way) to appearing in the university cafeteria dressed in a French Maid costume originally meant for Bernadette. Even Bernie got in on the action (after scolding Howard for being mean), subbing Sheldon in for herself to take Howard’s mom dress shopping.

All this was happening as Sheldon was riding the high of some discovery, which he’d put in a paper and had gotten Howard to give Hawking. When Sheldon finally met Stephen Hawking, he was told he’d made a mathematical error. All his work, and his discovery, were wrong. So Sheldon fainted, in front of Hawking.

It was all pretty funny, but not the best episode I’ve ever seen Big Bang do. With the exception of Bernadette’s hilarious line “I’m sorry I can’t make it, but Sheldon’s gonna go with you!” it felt like an episode that was shelved years ago and dusted off because they could actually get Hawking for a cameo.

What did you guys think?

Other favorite quotes and moments:

  • “Yeah, yeah, I know who he is. He’s the wheelchair dude who invented time.” – Penny
  • “When I correct people, I am raising them up.” – Sheldon
  • Bernadette: “You’re being mean to him.”
    Howard: “He’s mean to me all the time. You’ve heard him tease me about not having a doctorate.”
    Bernadette: “If you don’t want to get teased about that, get a doctorate. I have one, they’re great.”

The Big Bang Theory: Just Desserts The Big Bang Theory: Just Desserts The Big Bang Theory: Just Desserts


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