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Up All Night: 10K Against Jealousy

Up All Night: 10K Against Jealousy Just a quick review of Up All Night this week – “Hey Jealousy” was a great episode with two really strong storylines that merged at the perfect point. It’s this kind of model that shows Up All Night at its best, when all the characters (including any guest stars) are put to good use.

Chris had some jealousy issues when Reagan started finally getting along with her new coworker Luke, which meant that he acted like a hilarious doofus for most of the episode. It ended up that Luke actuallydoes have some kind of crush on Reagan, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens there. I wasn’t on board with his character at first, but I’m starting to like it more.

Meanwhile, Shayna was back – Ava’s rival and frenemy played by Megan Mullally. She challenged Ava in a 10K For Literacy they were both participating in, and antics ensued. I loved the fact that Ava’s plan to bring Shayna down ended up with them both partying with some silver fox Asian men and their trainer, played by Fred Armisen.

Will Forte also appeared in this episode, and had a funny running gag about his new anti-depressants making him incapable of feeling anything. As guest stars go, I felt like Mullally was enough – Forte is recurring at this point so I don’t consider him a guest star, and I thought Armisen’s work was overshadowed.

Overall, I thought it was a really strong episode. What did you guys think?

Favorite quotes and moments:

  • Chris bragging to Luke about his giant nipples.
  • Missy’s running dress.
  • Reagan hid hair and makeup behind the porta-potties.
  • “To be honest, when I first agreed to sponsor and run in this event I was not super aware of what a K was.”

Up All Night: 10K Against Jealousy Up All Night: 10K Against Jealousy Up All Night: 10K Against Jealousy

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