The Big Bang Theory: Lawyered!

Love the old guy’s hand on Penny’s butt. And love her dress.

Finally, a use for Priya.

I have not been Priya’s biggest fan since she started dating Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. She’s kind of a stuck up B, and she’s keeping Leonard and Penny apart. But this week? Yeah, she served a purpose. She was even a bit funny, though Sheldon delivered most of the laughs.

After Sheldon told Leonard he’d broken the Roommate Agreement by showering with Priya, Priya took a look at the document. And nullified it. I loved seeing Sheldon outsmarted, but what I loved even more was the fact that it caused him to go running into the open, Priya-hating arms of Penny. On girls’ night, with Bernadette and Amy.

Drunk Amy is always hilarious, but the comedic effect was multiplied with Sheldon around. The poor guy was disgusted with his uninhibited friend, but he had nowhere else to go. At home, they were having Greek food on pizza night. And the best part of the whole thing? Amy kissing Sheldon after he revealed that the only lips his had touched were those of a dying nun who required CPR. Of course, as soon as Amy sobered up the two had to reboot their relationship like a crashed computer and forget it had ever happened.

Of course, Sheldon cannot exist in a world without a Roommate Agreement, and they way in which he coerced Leonard into signing a new, airtight one was nothing short of genius. Plus, it may have laid the groundwork for a Leonard/Priya breakup.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad someone popped Sheldon’s kissing cherry? Were you relieved to see the vanity card reassuring us that the monkey was not actually smoking?

Here are my favorite Sheldon moments from “The Agreement Dissection”:

  • “Irrelevant. Leonard doesn’t trim his nose hair. He thinks because he’s short, no one can see up there.” – Sheldon
  • Sheldon asking Amy what 16 times 14 is to prove why smart people don’t get drunk every night.
  • “I understand the alcohol has stirred up whatever it is that makes girls go wild … but I really need to talk to smart Amy right now.” – Sheldon
  • “You may have gone to Cambridge, but I’m an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy.” – Sheldon




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