The Big Move to Toronto

Yes, I’ve been traveling again, but this time it’s a bit more permanent. After more than a day on board the longest train ride ever (note to parents: your screaming children need to be in bed by midnight when traveling with strangers in a smelly, cramped, metal tube), I’ve pulled up stakes from Halifax and have moved to Toronto.

What does this mean for you, oh valued reader? Well, probably very little. However, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is right around the corner and I will attempt to sell both my kidneys in order to attend. If I can, that means reviews, photos, and a soon to be deceased film blogger. Biology was never my strong suit.

Thanks for everything, Halifax. You’ve been one hell of a host, and definitely know how to show a guy a good time. By the way, if we could keep that one night between you and me a secret, I’d greatly appreciate it. I mean, what would Dartmouth and Bedford think?

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