Zombies!!! Pictures from Toronto’s Annual Zombie Walk

Every October 23rd, on a hunt for brains and brain-flavoured condiments, the rotting dead shamble their way through downtown Toronto. You would think after eight years of this, the police/shotgun-wielding vigilantes would be better prepared, but droves of about 6,000 zombies nearly devoured those within mauling distance.

Here are the pictures I was able to get before fleeing in terror.

The horde, beginning their onslaught.

A fiend, relishing her latest victim.


The barbershop zombies were great. They sang songs about brains and almost made me forget they were planning on eating me.

I’m assuming the zombie-lamb is from ‘Black Sheep’.

Even zombies have political ideals.

Moments before a close call with death.

Zombism knows no age.

Subway, eat fresh…brains.

Egads! Zombie-Smurfs

Zombie-Nazi from ‘Dead Snow’

These weren’t like any zombies I’d ever seen before, but I decided that arguing would only leave me open to brain-nibbling.

Garbage-zombie was very committed to finding brains wherever he could.

Evil, flannel-wearing, rabbit-zombie still haunts my soul.

The most famous zombie of all even made time to attempt to devour our frontal lobes.

For more information about Toronto’s annual zombie walk, check out torontozombiewalk.ca.

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