The Body Shop rant

Dear The Body Shop,

I don’t know whether you are going to read my blog, but if you are here, hear me out, as I have some serious rants to talk about. Considering how obsessed I am with all things sparkled and beautiful, I might be one good/loyal customer of yours, if you listen to what I have to say.

First rant: Please clearly tell your customers that sales are final – no return or exchange. You might want to check back my post where I said I was upset when the store refused to take some stuff back. When I asked why I wasn’t told about the “no return” policy, the staff told me to read the back of my receipt and the little card on their cashier counter. Honestly, how many people spend time to read it in real life? We all trust you with a “normal” return policy like anybody else. I had shopped for sales (beauty and non-beauty items) and they were all willing to take the items back as long as they were not opened/used. Why are you any different? And if taking into account that you want to get rid of the sale items, please say so at check out, so I can be aware. I would be totally fine if the store tell me it was a final sale at the first place. But it didn’t.

Second rant: It was nice of you to offer the 3 for CAD15 sale for cosmetic items, starting on the website. But you made us to purchase 3 exact same items with this deal. Just a few days after, we realized that the deal was offered in stores, mix and match. I regret purchasing online, paying shipping cost without the option to pick stuff I wanted. And again, no return or exchange with whatever I got, so I’m stuck with them. Mind you, the “No exchange or return” note was not put up online until a few days after I ordered 🙁

Third rant: Exchange rate isn’t too bad now. Why Canadians have to pay more than Americans? It was 3 for USD10 there, CAD15 here. I heard that you adjusted Canadian price a while ago to reflect the almost equal exchange rate with USD, how come there is still quite a difference?

Forth rant: This one is actually on me, not you. I was too eager to jump on your sale (final sale, remember that?) that I paid way too much compared to what you offered now. I should have known better, can’t blame you for this.

To summarize what I said above, see my order progress:
This is my first purchase: CAD10 each for the Warm Amber body scrubs and CAD9 for the Cranberry body shimmer. I should have waited, as just a few days after, the price dropped in half. This was the order I wanted to return and was turned down at the store. Then makeup was offered CAD15 for 3 on the website. I wasn’t smart enough to figure out the deal would come to the stores, so I placed an order online impulsively.

As you can see, I had to order 3 of the same blush – Roseflower #2. The Warm Amber body scrubs and body shimmer lotion, and the Cranberry body shimmer were CAD5 each, plus CAD5 shipping. There were like 2 shimmer sticks left at the time I ordered, and because of not being able to mix and match, I couldn’t order them at all. A friend of mine ended up with 3 shimmer cubes of the exact same, for the same reason. Well, at least she made a good choice, as there was no shimmer cube available in stores for the sale.

And when the deal arrived at the stores, I went to get the makeup, for real and did some damage. But among the 9 items, I only paid for 6 (CAD30). The other 3 were free, as I got my 4th point reward. It’s the way their “Love your Body” reward works – you get a CAD15 gift after the 4th purchase over CAD$25 each. Overboard, I know! 4 shimmer sticks, 1 glow enhancer tube, 2 Roseflower shadows, and 2 Roseflower blushes #1.

The sad news is it is now 5 for USD10 in the States, according to the Muse’s Hauled It: The Body Shop Cosmetics post. I don’t know what it is in the stores, but at The Body Shop online the Warm Amber body scrubs and body shimmer lotions are CAD3 each now.

Ok, ok, I admit it. It was totally my decision to make a purchase (or two), so I can’t blame anybody else but me. Now what do I do with all the makeup? Hope you had a good read, though, lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bedford Councillor Tim Outhit

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