The Comfort of Coffee

We said goodbye to another family member yesterday.  It was a sad affair and really hard to watch my cousins in such pain.  I can’t imagine losing my Mom (or my Dad).  I know that day will come eventually but there’s no point in dwelling on something so far away.  Instead, I’m looking forward to many many more happy years full of memories with that I will cherish forever.

Before the memorial, the hubby and I met up with my parents at the Java Factory in Tantallon.

”Our coffees are blended daily by our roastmaster to ensure their quality & freshness, and include Fair Trade Certified, Organic and Speciality coffee beans.”

Seems no matter what we do there is always coffee involved.  For me there’s something so comforting about a warm mug, the smell reminds me of home.    This shop was was warm & inviting and the barista was really nice when I asked for permission to snap a few pics.

My parents are down with this whole blog thing (both of them read regularly)  and they went along with taking a few pictures while we waited.

I wish this shot of them had turned out better.

IMG_0895 IMG_0882

I decided on a latte.  But, instead of the usual vanilla I chose the maple flavour, made w/ skim of course. Holy YUM!!

The amount of froth thoroughly impressed me!  It was delish.

Hubby and I – we clean up pretty well don’t ya think?! Pearly whites & all. 😉

IMG_0896  IMG_0889

I wish my community had a cute little cafe like this,  all we have is a Tim Horton’s and I find their coffee 100% disgusting.  My how times have changed. 🙂

So, what comforts you and makes you feel happy and relaxed?

I’ll leave you with one last little thing that always makes me feel warm and happy – our fur baby.   I’m honestly not a crazy cat lady but isn’t this the cutest pic ever?

PS.  Thanks for all your comments and support on the Spam Blogger issue, I hope it never happens to any of you.  I still feel creeped out by it all.

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