The Foamerator

This month's guest post from Carolyn Clegg comes at a perfect time – FINALLY the weather looks like it's going to give us some summer after all, so we can all actually get out there and enjoy those bubbles!

Kids love bubbles.  They love blowing bubbles, they love chasing bubbles, they love catching bubbles. Here is a quick and easy activity that will produce wonderful piles of bubbles fun for you and your little one.

Supplies for making the Foamerator

Supplies shown here: a bottomless and capless 500ml plastic bottle; an old washcloth; an elastic; dish detergent; water; tray.

The first step to making the Foamerator is to simply cut off the end of an empty plastic bottle using a pair of kitchen scissors or an X-Acto knife. The second step is to find an old washcloth and wrap it around the newly cut end with an elastic. The third step is to pour some bubble juice or dish detergent onto a cookie sheet or tray and dilute with a bit of water. Lastly, dip the washcloth end of the bottle in the mixture and gently blow into the top of the bottle.

Close-up  of the Foamerator

And, there you go – you’ve got bubbles to play with. Lots and lots of bubbles!

Foamerator Fun

Bubble blowing soon turned into bubble dancing at my house! Enjoy.

Dancing with bubbles

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