Weekend finds

I did so well this weekend, spending only about 10 minutes at the cosmetic isle. Can’t take credit for that though, lol, the sales just didn’t appeal to me much this week.

From the flyer deal summary, I only got 1 product from Shoppers. It was Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, on sale for CAD5.99 (regular price: CAD13.99). It was more than half off, and I always wanted to try it. I’m currently using the Dream Matte Mousse version, like the finish but still need a bit more coverage. The Liquid mousse promised an airbrush finish which got me curious. I have never seen this line goes on sale this cheap, so might as well pick up a bottle to try out (the second one is for my sis). The rep did try the product on my jawline to find a matching shade. We’ll see how it goes when I get to it.

Continuing with my hunt of Lawton‘s clearance on nail polish, I found 3 more Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strawberry Icing, Lime Lights and Pink Confetti (from L-R) for CAD1.50 each. At most Lawtons, the SH baskets are still full of products, on for at least half price but I didn’t see many Intra-Dri or Extreme Wear. My army of SH Xtreme Wear is a combination of hauls from Superstore (CAD1 each) and Lawton (CAD1.80 each), so these 3 would be a nice addition without breaking the bank. I have a huge secret haul (the most expensive haul ever in history of Sparked Beauty) that I am still chewing on and haven’t blogged about. And it is the very reason I have recently tried not to spend much on makeup and have passed up a few sales on the web. Will have a post about it, soon.

The weekend flew by so quickly. I am still trying to catch up with things after coming back – cooking, laundrying, cleaning, etc. 1 thing I miss about Kingston is the clear blue sky and the sun. My bf said it has been cloudy and grey here for more than 2 week, and he rarely saw any sunlight, which made people cranky. The moment I landed, I saw fog. Such a climate change from city to city here in Canada. Fog fog go away!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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