The Gingerbread Hause

This past Saturday, I was geared to go for brunch at Henry House. I was super excited for a plate of steak n’ eggs, perhaps an omelet or even french toast. I arrived at 10:30 to meet my brunch dates….and it was closed! Turns out that we had made our brunch plans an hour before HH opened at 11:30!!
Not having a stomach willing to be deterred from an amazing bfast, we decided to truck up the hill to The Gingerbread Hause for a piping hot coffee and some incredible baked goods. The GH is one of my neighbourhood bakeries and I was thrilled to finally get a chance to try some of their amazing treats (and really excited to designate it as MY local bakery)!
Seeing how I have a penchant to try all versions of pain au chocolat available in the HRM, this was an easy decision. I paired said sweet treat with a frothy cappuccino. A small plate arrived, overtaken by the huge, domed pastry, drizzled with dark chocolate. With a slightly crisp, buttery crust that flaked under my knife, the pain au chocolat yielded a lovely dark chocolate filling underneath layers of soft pastry. My cappuccino was the perfect match; a little more luxurious than an ordinary cuppa joe and with an espresso bite to match.
Pain au Chocolat


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