Pancake Heaven

Pancakes were on my mind all week but I had to wait for the weekend because they’re a bit time consuming to cook.  After a few drinks on Saturday night I woke up yesterday morning feeling huuuun-gry! I put a huge pot of coffee on and then whipped up the batter.


Okay, I sorted of cheated a little by using my favourite mix. ;)  I always replace the milk with UVAB and use Becel in replace of real butter.  For added yumminess,  I mixed in 1 cup of blueberries.  Totally hit the spot!

Top with Pure Nova Scotia Maple Syrup and you`ve got a little bit of heaven on a plate.  I wish I had made more.

IMG_2201   IMG_2193

Plus some fresh orange juice on the side. YUM.   The lovely folks at Tropicana were kind enough to send me a sample of their new Tropicana Essentials with added Calcium & Vitamin.  You`ll here more about this later though. 😉  Perfect breakfast food.

I spent the afternoon preparing my parents & brother`s taxes.  We had some veggie pizza for lunch but I was fully immersed in tax filing so no pics.  I did manage to snap one of the cute shamrock cookie that my Dad got from the local bakery though.

Supper was left over tacos.  I had one taco and then a side of taco salad.  I finally managed to wrap the tortilla properly too. 😉

The salad consists of a a big handful of baby spinach, a scoop of the spicy xlgb & bean mix, diced tomatos, salsa & and shredded cheese.

Sadly the weekend was very short.  I don’t feel like I accomplished very much at all.    I did manage to get out for a short run last night but other than that the day wasn’t that productive. 

I’m looking forward to to upcoming long Easter weekend, only a few weeks left to go.  We have no plans (we’re not religious)  but I think I’d like to go somewhere for a big hike and cook a turkey.

Oh, and check out the weather forecast for Hali this week:

That is DOUBLE DIGITS folks!!! Not to mention sunshine!

Happy Monday bloggies. 🙂

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