Carb City

Got in from my run a little earlier than usual.  We shortened the route and did about 8K. The smoothie & egg sammie held me over quite well; I’ll be using the combo again.  For a full run recap check out my latest Team Myles blog post.

Post run I was craving carbs in a bad way.  Nothings fills a carb void better than a creamy bowl of homemade mac n cheese.

The star of the show was the Extra Old Cheddar.  I’ve been buying Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese for years and have never seen it before Thursday.  OMG. I’ll be making special trips to this particular store just to buy the cheese.

IMG_2021 IMG_2039

On the way home I stopped in at Staples to procure a copy of Quick Tax.  This is the best tax software ever, I’ve been using it for the past several years and I will never pay someone to do my taxes unless my situation gets totally complicated.

The program is really easy to use and you basically just watch your refund add up!  Yeah!! We’re getting a refund.  Gotta love those RRSP contributions.  Now to do the responsible thing and put the refund on our debt.  We’ll see.  😉 How you you guys file your taxes?  Efile? Paper? Tax company? IMG_2012

Holly and Dean came over for the evening. Drinks were involved.  I stuck to the vino of course.  Thought I’d be a little adventurous and chose one that I’d never had before.  The double gold medal winning 2008 Jost Prima RosaSCORE!!  This was amazing.  My Dad is going to love this.  Lucky for him I saved him a taste. 

 IMG_2078 IMG_2086

IMG_2077 IMG_2084

Tacos for supper! 

I love making tacos, they’re so versatile because you can add pretty much anything to the ground beef mixture to healthi-fy it. Healthi-fy, obviously not a real word but you get the idea! 😛  In this case, I mixed kidney beans, onions and mushrooms into the spicy extra lean ground beef.  Normally I would also include bell peppers too but Holly’s not a fan.

IMG_2094 IMG_2096 
IMG_2123 IMG_2095

And, unfortunately the rest of my pics aren’t the best.  I overfilled my tortilla’s and could get them to fold all purdy like Dean. ;)  Hidden under the spinach is a sprinkle of cheese and salsa.

Dollop of greek yogurt & salsa on the side.

IMG_2135 IMG_2126

Semi Final Saturday at the Brier

NOTD: Sally Hansen Grape Going