Pre-Run Fuel

Morning Bloggies, I’m up bright and area for the Team Myles group run.  We’re running with the Adidas territory manager this morning so that’s kind of exciting. Afterwards I’m going down to the Running Room to get fitted for a new pair of sneaks too!  Expect an update on my TM blog later this afternoon.

To fuel up for the workout I whirled up a pretty purple smoothie.

I scored this huge back of Nova Scotia Blueberries the other night at Sobeys. Whoot for local foods!!!

IMG_1955  IMG_1959

Into the blender – ice, 1/2c blueberries, sm banana, baby spinach, 1/2 greek yogurt, 1/2 cup milk and an amazing grass packet.  Great mix of carbs + protein!

IMG_1981 IMG_1975

Mmmm mmm. I love smoothies!  Blueberries are so fun in them too. 🙂

Served with a toasted Ezekiel English Muffins & pan fried egg.

I’ve been trying to play around with my pictures a bit more and make the most out of the camera I have.  Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to procure an SLR.   Anyways, I’m just trying to make the blog the best it can be.  :)  If there’s anything annoying about the site please let me know. I only ever use Firefox so I  have no idea if there’s issues in other browsers.

It’s the weekend!!!!!  Back later!

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