Fun Oats Friday!

Good Morning Bloggies – Happy Friday!!! Whoop whoop, 10 hours until the weekend officially begins.  Are you ready? I sure am. 🙂

I jazzed our oats up this morning with one of my favourite seasonal treats.

Cadbury Mini Eggs.  YUM.  I look forward to these every Easter. Janna, you know I included a couple bags with your package! 😉

Into the pot went: oats, UCAB, chia seeds & banana.  Topped w/ remaining sliced banana, a spoonful of peanut butter and sprinkled with unsweetened coconut, sliced almonds & the mini eggs.  DELISH!


I didn’t get around to posting last night because I went out with hubby & the bank crew.  Unfortunately for me it was an absolute disaster.  I held off with an afternoon snack because we were going out to Bubba Rays Sport Bar and I knew that it probably wouldn’t be the healthiest food.   I ate lunch around 1pm.  We got to the bar a little after 5pm.  I had been tweeting all afternoon saying how hungry I was. 

We were with a larger group (10-15 people) The waitress took drink orders and then kept replenishing the drinks. I hate to sound snitty but yup, get a few drinks into people and tips are better.  Well hubby and I weren’t drinking b/c we were both driving and had errands to do after.  She finally took our food order and I was happy to see staff bringing over baskets of wings and over yummy smelling greasy foods quite quickly.  Unfortunately, my spinach salad & sandwich just never arrived.  The waitress came back once to say that they were still working on my order – this is after the whole table had been served, and then disappeared. I sat and stewed remembering why I don’t bother to spend my money on only half-decent restaurants.    By 630pm hubby (and everyone else) had finished their meals.  He went to get the bill and said not to bother with my meal at all.  He wasn’t even offered an apology. (I thought maybe they’d comp his meal since the service was THAT horrible.) 

Yup, I have no trouble saying HORRIBLE SERVICE.  We’ll never go back.


Anyways, TGIF peeps!!  It’s another gorgeous ,sunny morning here and I’m looking forward to a great day and an awesome run this evening!

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