The Grill at CUT

Last Monday I hooked up with a friend of mine that I met during my media relations work term with NS Tourism. A fellow blogger, casual photog and social media newbie herself, we became fast friends and try to keep up to date on each other’s projects. She had heard of CUT many times before, and I was more than willing to be her date for a first-time dining experience.

It was a gross, muggy day that threatened rain- but when I arrived, plunked myself down and started to look at the menu, my spirits lifted once again! CUT is one of my favorite spots because of it’s luxurious small plates menu. I mean where else can you get Halifax’s favorite late night bar food- poutine, with a side of lobster? I also love the small plates menu because essentially, that’s all I need to fill my stomach…although I often go overboard and stuff myself silly. Note to self…stop eating so much, fool!

Also…where else do you see kosher dill pickles sharing a spot on the sides menu with bone marrow?

Anyhow, while my friend chose the succulent scallop dish and the beet salad, I went with the Chopped salad, a spunky mix of crisp greens, sweet corn and mouth-filling avocado paired with pieces of tender poussin and a cool, silky dressing. The touch of chipolte heat with the salty bits of fried tortilla created an amazing contrast to the salad’s rich base.

Chopped Salad
Brown Sugarcane & Beet Salad w/truffled honey goat cheese dressing

The scallops looked incredible too; plump, seductive little suckers nestled within their creamy bath of coconut rum curry sauce. But, alas, I was too wound up in my own dish and forgot to take a photo.

We finished off the meal with the Costanza; a sweet ending reminiscent of a Kit Kat on steroids, all wrapped up in a thin sheath of apple leather with some sweet sauces to up the anti.


As we sat back and let our bellies (brains) recover from the ambush, the rain stopped as suddenly as it began…and in it’s place…a rainbow appeared. Awww…

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