The Intern Introduction!

First of all,

I want to say a joyous and enthusiastic HOLA to the Little BIG world of Haligonia! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Perry and I am Haligonia’s intern for the rest of 2008!

I am a student at King’s and I’m from Ontario. But I’m not here to put anyone down or throw stones. I’m not just in a glass house, we live on a glass planet. NO ONE should be throwing stones. What I am here to do is to my journalistic duty… NO… my duty as part of Haligonia is to help everyone see this world of Haligonia through a portal NO ONE has ever seen before.

This blog is merely a part of the method to my madness. I will be on here everyday reporting the news YOU want to hear and opinions that you can use. I will also be on camera…

When it comes to issues and news related to Haligonia, I am here to voice every emotion on the ranter’s toolbox! And not one topic is safe! If Haligonia wants it straight and totally to the point, I can provide that. If you want in-depth news, I can provide that. If you want, what Keith Olbermann calls, a “Special Comment” I can say my piece; nothing if off-guard. What matters is that if Haligonia is seeking a conduit to voice frustration, joy, sarcasm or even reflection, I can be that person.

I look forward to exercising the journalistic muscle in a way that doesn’t get my head too big. I am NOT in a ivory tower. I am here on the street or right there when the public needs the truth to be told. I am in the studio talking with people who make up this fairly busy city.

Please give me feedback over the next while! I would really appreciate it. And believe me, you will SEE me all over Haligonia, with as much passion as you deserve.

Cheers Haligonia!


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