The Latest Gambling Industry Regulation Changes You Should Be Aware Of

Countries worldwide are ready to address the problem of further defining the casino rules and regulations for both online and land-based gambling. In the year 2020, we have seen some significant changes in the gambling market. While in some countries we have seen positive results towards much-awaited regulations, other countries seem to have complicated a situation that is already difficult.


Gambling Regulation in Canada and the US

Although the gambling and casino industry in Canada hasn’t changed much in 2020, the same cannot be said for the US. It is still completely legal for any Canadian player to use Toronto dominion gambling or any other online gambling service. However, it remains illegal for Canadian citizens to run Canadian gambling sites.

Meanwhile, some of the states in the US have shown their will to transform the casino industry forever. The state of Illinois has witnessed two major changes in 2020. The first one being the approval for a new casino resort which will be situated in Chicago. The second change impacted online gambling, even though it remains a temporary decision. By the decision of the Governor of Illinois, residents of that state were permitted to register on sports wagering accounts allowing them to explore some of the reliable worldwide casinos.

Another example of the changing gambling industry tendencies in the US is the state of Louisiana. There is a possibility that by September residents of this state could enjoy betting on daily fantasy sports since the Senate has signed on the regulations for this activity.

The state of Rhode Island is awaiting the final approval of Governor Gina Raimondo, after approving legislation that allows players to register at online sports betting accounts. This could mean that players from this state could soon be able to enjoy the benefits of many more worldwide casino venues.

Updates on Casino Regulation In Europe

Europe has also been subjected to great changes when it comes to regulation in the gambling and casino industry.

One of the greatest changes in the United Kingdom was the ban on the use of credit cards for gambling. Moreover, new standards will be implemented for how at-risk gamblers are identified by licensees.

Germany has decided that in 2020 it will transform the casino industry. Even though only one German state offers licences for online casinos, as of 1st January the entire country began offering both land-based and online sports betting licences. On the other hand, every retail banking service that co-operates with an online payment processor was instructed to stop all payments that were associated with unlicensed online casinos.

In 2020 players from Ukraine have also received the news about the final approval of interactive gambling and legal land-based venues. Now all that is left is for president Zelensky to give a green light before it reaches the law.

But 2020 hasn’t been a good year for casino rules and regulations in every country. The Netherlands has decided to postpone the regulations until 2021. This has been a great disappointment to the local players, since the regulation was expected in January 2020.

Danmark has shown that it expects a lot of responsibility from its citizens. Therefore in January, they signed off on the law that requires all Danish players to set a deposit limit before they start gambling.

It was also a year of change for Greece. The country announced new regulations for the gambling market. The licences are now being given for the duration of seven years. Moreover, the price for an online gaming licence will be two million euros, while the price for online sports betting licence is three million. Also, the advertising for RNG-based games is now only allowed on the site where the advertised RNG game is being played.

2020 has been a challenging year for the Spanish gambling industry since it announced six restrictions that will prevent the gambling issue in the country. Along with the restriction on advertising, the land-based venues will be prohibited from opening before 10 o’clock in the evening. The country’s tireless efforts to prevent gambling problem with its citizens has even inspired some operators to help them in their mission. Spain is now working hand in hand with its operators to create a safe and risk-free gambling environment.

Land-Based And Online Casino Regulations In Africa

There had been a lot of turbulence between the Kenyan government and local operators. The main dispute is due to tax revenues and the new legislation according to which the operators are required to pay 1% on gambling revenue every month and an additional 35% on all revenue from advertising. This doesn’t necessarily impact the players, but it can indicate a possible change in the prices on the local online venues.

The Gambling Industry Changes In Asia

An example of the importance of casino rules and regulations is the Cambodian fight against illegal gambling sites. With the help of the Ministry of Telecommunications, this country managed to put a stop to illegal gambling venues. This country has previously announced gambling legislations for 2020, which have resulted in the prosecution of illegal operators. Apparently, there will be Integrated Resort licenses and standalone gambling facilities licenses. The first license will be valid for 20 and the second one for 5 years.

In India, Bangalore Turf Club was given approval after their proposal to be allowed to offer to players betting on horse races on their smart devices. After this approval, another Mumbai-based club (The Royal Western India Turg Club) requested the approval for online betting possibility.

The legislation of The Integrated Resort Basic Plan in Japan has been delayed until the end of 2020, even though originally it was supposed to be introduced in July.

South America Regulations

As far as gambling regulations are concerned, 2020 is beyond any doubt been an incredible year for Brazil. Even though it took as much as two years to implement the regulations of sports betting, the new law is expected to be in effect by the end of the year.

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