The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is giving away 500 FREE radon detectors to 10 communities across Nova Scotia

November is radon awareness month, and 500 homes around Nova Scotia will now be safer thanks to the Lung Association of Nova Scotia (LANS).

Beginning at 9am on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, people in the following 10 communities can sign up for a FREE radon kit online through the Lung Association of Nova Scotia’s website:

Glace Bay, Lower Sackville, Fall River, Preston, Digby, Pictou Landing, Oxford, Kentville, Shelburne & Elmsdale.

50 kits will be available for residents in each community. Kits will be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We expect kits will go very quickly,” said Robert MacDonald, President & CEO of the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. “This is the 3rd year we’ve been doing a radon detector give-away, and previous years have shown this program is very popular.”

Radon is a cancer-causing naturally-occurring gas that enters homes through foundation cracks, drains, and openings. Although you can’t see, smell, or taste radon, it can reach harmful levels if trapped indoors. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and claims 20,000 lives every year.

“Radon awareness month is the time when we remind everyone to ‘test & potentially save a life.’ Lung cancer due to radon can be prevented by testing, and if needed, by fixing your home. It’s a simple and important way to help safeguard your family’s health,” said MacDonald “Testing is inexpensive and test kits are very accessible and easy-to-use. Reducing your family’s exposure to radon provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing the right thing to help avoid the toll taken by radon-induced lung cancer.”

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia recently partnered with the Department of Natural Resources, Health Canada and the Nova Scotia public libraries to offer digital radon detectors through libraries across Nova Scotia.

“We’re pleased to say that due to the popularity of the radon detector library loan program, we have expedited the next 30 devices and they should be available through the libraries in the near future,” said MacDonald. “Radon detectors can also be purchased through the Lung Association of Nova Scotia’s office in Halifax or online


Source: Media Release

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