The Mindy Project – Pilot Review

The Mindy Project – Pilot Review I just finished watching the series premiere of Mindy Kaling’s new sitcom The Mindy Project (it’s available over on My verdict? It’s a must watch for me.

I’m a big fan of Mindy Kaling thanks to her clever tweets, her great book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), our mutual love for You’ve Got Mail, and of course her work on The Office. Not only did she appear on the show as Kelly Kapoor, but she wrote most of my favorite episodes. Despite heading into a final season that I will likely watch, The Office has been a sinking ship for a while and I’m glad Mindy has jumped off and gotten her own much deserved show.


The Mindy Project is like a TV version of a rom-com, but is also a bit of a cautionary tale of what can go wrong in a woman’s life when she expects everything to be exactly like a romantic comedy. Mindy plays Mindy, a 31 year-old, single OB-GYN with a trainwreck of a love life.

The Mindy Project – Pilot Review I like that the workplace setting is a kind of swanky clinic rather than your typical hospital, because it creates more of a relaxed workplace comedy vibe for the show. I like the cast of believably quirky characters that’s been assembled there. Fellow doctors include Chris Messina as Danny Castellano, the guy’s guy that Mindy clashes with and is obviously meant to be with (by rom-com standards anyway)The Mindy Project – Pilot Review and Ed Weeks as Jeremy Reed, a sexy British playboy that Mindy is fooling around with. Stephen Tobolowsky also plays a doctor, and for any of you who watched ABC Family’s short-lived show Huge, Zoe Jarman (she played a camp counselor on that show) plays an overeager receptionist.


The pilot sees Mindy get arrested following a drunken wedding disaster, vow to get her act together, and then fail to do so. Pretty standard stuff, but I liked what it set up for her character and I thought the dialogue was very witty. When Mindy went a little too far and jabbed Danny about his divorce, he made fun of her weight. The jokes could have played too mean, but instead the characters are already developed enough that it felt like jokes being made by insecure people, and jokes that will be forgiven.

Bill Hader and Ed Helms appear in the pilot as Mindy’s ex and the victim of a first date gone wrong, respectively.

If you read and liked Mindy Kaling’s book, this show is definitely for you. If you like New Girl, I’d say check this out for sure. If you’re a straight man who only watches crime-related procedural dramas, give it a pass and maybe find a new blog to read. I’ll definitely be blogging this one all season long!

The Mindy Project – Pilot Review


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