The Office: And the Dundy goes to…

Caught in a bad romance

If you didn’t like Thursday night’s episode of The Office, then you must just not like The Office. It was so good! It was so perfect! If you are a person who used to watch the show but gave up in recent seasons (though if you are, I’m not sure why you’re reading this recap…) then I strongly encourage you to go back and watch Steve Carell’s last few episodes. They’ve been fantastic.

“Michael’s Last Dundies” was stellar from start to finish. Michael and Deangelo visiting everyone at home at the crack of dawn to hand-deliver certificates of nomination for the office gag awards? Brilliant. I really think Will Ferrell made some great strides in this episode too, with Deangelo. He’s coming together as a character, and I can see him being a part of Dunder Mifflin (Sabre?) for a little while.

All the stuff about Deangelo’s stage fright had be cracking up. The guy just does not know how to make jokes! Naturally, the awards were a disaster. Michael made fun of Phyllis and it was mean. Erin publicly dumped Gabe, and it was both awful and glorious. I mean, come on. No one likes Gabe, not even viewers. It was kind of fun to see him be humiliated that way, especially by someone so innocent as Erin. Plus now she can get back together with Andy! The group even got kicked out of the restaurant where the awards were being hosted. But luckily, things got better from there.

Everyone went back to the office to finish up the awards, and the group’s performance of a revised version of “Seasons of Love” from Rent was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it was amazing. The lyrics! They did the math on how many minutes Michael had worked for the company! (But, did they figure out how many of those minutes he was actually working?) It was such a great combination of touching and funny and clever and heartwarming. Really, I thought the did just a standup job.

What did you think of the episode? Is Will Ferrell complimenting or overshadowing Carell in these final episodes? Are you looking forward to the two part finale? Now, check out these highlights:

  • “This reminds me of Katrina.” – Deangelo, arriving at Meredith’s house
  • “Do you usually leave your door unlocked…and ajar?” – Deangelo, as Meredith makes her walk of shame home
  • “You are getting so funny.” – Michael, to Erin
  • Michael thought Larry King was dead. 
  • “They’re like the Golden Globes, but less mean.” – Michael (This worked on two levels. One, a poke at Ricky Gervais. Two, the Dundies were meaner than the Globes.)
  • Darryl continuing to wear cowboy shirts to impress Deangelo.
  • Michael saying “Like Regis and Kelly!” about himself and Ryan.
  • Michael’s Walkman from 1992, which I’m pretty sure I owned.
  • Michael making Deangelo practice for the Dundy awards like it’s The King’s Speech.
  • Michael’s impression of Phyllis. So mean!
  • Meredith winning the “Best Mom” award and then Adrian Brody-ing it with Michael.
  • Kevin bringing his own crayons and coloring on the cloth tablecloth. 
  • “I cringe when you talk.” – Erin, during her public breakup with Gabe
  • “The fashion was boring.” – Dwight (One of his many complaints about the Dundies) 
  • Toby bringing up the fact that he was part of the jury who sentenced the Scranton Strangler to death during his speech. Does anyone else recall an episode of This American Life where someone told a similar story? Anyone? Ira Glass, are you out there? Bueller? 

OK I know I’m missing a lot of other great lines, so be sure to share your favorites. 




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