The Office Comes To A Close – Series Finale Review

the_office.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxIt’s funny. I thought I’d have so much to say about the series finale of The Office. I’ve watched the show from the beginning, and the episode was an hour and fifteen minutes long.

But, surprisingly, I find myself without many words. One stands out: lovely. That series finale was lovely.

Warm, touching, sweet, funny. Those are other adjectives I could use. The reasons this was a great series finale are that it gave us little moments with characters new and old, it let us know that the characters we care about will be OK, it was funny, and it provided incredibly touching moments with the characters we care the most about. There was some truly beautiful stuff with Jim and Pam, and sweet moments with them and Dwight. I choked up a little when Dwight said “Pam Beesly is my best friend.”

There was also Erin connecting with her birth parents, Nellie weirdly adopting Ryan’s abandoned baby, Michael showing Pam photos of his kids (!!!), Phyllis and Stanley reminiscing about their friendship, and countless other moments that made me smile. Now I want to throw it over to you guys -please tell me what you guys thought of the finale, and what moments stood out for you!

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