The Official FPQT Muffin

L-A: For no other reason than I can, I’ve decided that this blog will have an Official Muffin. That’s right, let no one say that we are all about skinny fashion and anti-carbs. In fact, we LOVE carbs. So I am pleased to announce the winner of the first FPQT Official Somethings Award:



[insert wild golf claps here]

Congratulations to Coastal Café and their Nutella muffin. We salute you and your baked goods.

Eventually I’ll take a picture of the actual nutella muffin, but for now, we make do with my questionable photoshop skills involving this guy’s muffin (that’s what she said).

The Official Muffin is just the first of a new series on the blog:

Official Somethings

They are kind of like The Coast’s “Best Of…”, except more specific, probably more random, and way less democratic. If you’d like to nominate something, go for it, but it’ll only be an Official Something if we really like it.

So stay tuned for more Official Sometimes. While you do that, you should go get one of those tasty muffins. Go early, because they are almost always all gone when I get there (once, Ally took the last one…minutes before I arrived! It’s a good thing she was a hormonal, pregnant lady, or else there might have been trouble).

And tomorrow we’ll be back at the actual fashion. I’m being kind of lazy tonight as I went straight from work to shopping. Maybe I’ll fill you in on some of the cute things I bought and talk about the shoes I should have bought at Winner’s on Sunday. Don’t you hate when you decide against buying something and then it just nags at you after you get home. And go to work. And wish you were wearing them because they’d look way cuter with your outfit. Me too.  I’ll even give you my review of Coco Avant Chanel (less old men in French estates, more Chanel).

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