The quest for a grownup watch

Eden: As part of Project WWCYGW [What Would Charlotte York-Goldenblatt Wear], I have bought my first ever grownup watch. This means it was purchased neither at a thrift store nor at a mall kiosk. CRAZY! Ok so I bought it at Winners but whatever it is super pretty:


I have been looking for a watch for a while now, and I made a HUGE mistake, which was idly browsing the Tiffany website. Guys, don’t do that. Everything is very pretty and very expensive and what happened is I saw this watch and fell in love, and it’s two freaking thousand dollars, and now every other watch in the world looks like crap in comparison:


BUT! I like the Boss watch almost as much! And don’t you think it has a very similar aesthetic? Good find, me.

Anyway part of the point here is that there are a lot of really ugly watches out there right now. Maybe I have dull taste but I do not see why all watches have to either be super athletic looking:


or covered in bling:


Even Fossil, which used to be a dependable source of classic-looking watches, is now all about this sort of thing:



L-A, I know you have opinions on watches! What do you think? Am I old and boring, or have watches gone off the deep end?

L-A: I love watches! I rarely wear one, but I love them. Heathers taught me the importance of the watch. After Heather Chandler dies, Heather McNamara finds one of her swatches and says, “She’d want you to have it Veronica. She always said you couldn’t accessorize for shit.” (Go to 7:53 of this video for that beautiful lesson on accessorizing. The video was too big to embed here). And that brings me to the grown up watch. Sure you need one, but you also need a fun watch. Or two. In fact, if possible, you should have multiple watches. You wouldn’t just own one bracelet or one necklace would you? So why limit yourself to one watch? I like the Hugo Boss watch you scored at Winners and it’s a good stand in when you can’t afford to drop $2k for your grown up watch (I love that Tiffany’s has a separate category for their cocktail watches that cost over $15k).  But here’s where my opinion differs a bit: grown ups need fun watches too.  Like that Fossil watch? I kind of like it.  Depending on what you wore it with, it could be awesome. That doesn’t make your watch any less awesome, I’m just saying that grown ups need variety with their watches.

Now, when I say fun watch, I don’t necessarily mean something along the lines of the cutest cutesy Swatch you can get your hands on:


It’s really adorable. I like the anchors. But it’s not really for the girl over 30. For fun watches, I really like the Lacoste pop watches:


They’re like big bangles, but watches. Fun! I’m kind of hoping they might be included in the ideeli Lacoste sale later this week. Fingers crossed.

Another fun watch I like is this belt-style Marc by Marc Jacobs watch from Net-a-Porter:

69297_in_l 69297_cu_l

Okay, I know you are looking for a grown up watch. I’m just pointing out that grown-ups can have fun watches as well practical watches. It all depends on what you wear said watch with. Both the Lacoste pop watches and the Marc Jacobs would look good with something a bit more casual in darker colours (You don’t want your magenta watch competing with the rest of your outfit). But, I know there are times when a big plastic bangle or giant magenta watch won’t do. But that doesn’t mean boring (I actually googled “boring watches”). Let’s take a look at Swatch and Lacoste again:


It doesn’t scream, “Hi! I’m your Swatch from junior high!”, but it doesn’t say, “I needed some kind of timepiece and my great-aunt wasn’t using it” either.  Both are simple and pretty. And I’m pretty sure you can find something equally nice that doesn’t feature an alligator instead of a 12 if you’re not into flashing a label.

Or, for the menswear-inspired look:


Yep, more Swatch (sorry…I’m a bit of a Swatch Dog & Diet Coke Head – although not acutally a member of any facebook group declaring myself as such, but there wasn’t a Wikipedia page explaining the reference).  You may have trouble getting your hands on the gold one though –  Nylon featured Kristen Stewart with that watch back in March and I wouldn’t be surprised if anything involving Kristen Stewart sent every Twihard into a shopping frenzy. Because, you know, if you have the same watch as Kristen Stewart, Edward Cullen might love you too. (Nylon is giving one away. and it does seem to be available in the online Swatch store…maybe those Twihards aren’t so crazy after all). Anyway, it’s part of Swatch’s slicker, more grown up looking Irony collection of watches. Personally, I really dig that watch in red:


What? I like colour. (I’m maybe not so good with the classy grown up watch thing).

And for something a bit more casual, I actually like this Burberry watch, even though $500 watches are not in my budget:

41788_in_l 41788_fr_l

I provided an example of how net-a-porter would style that watch. I know you only see a bit of the outfit, but what you can see is that it can be worn as part of a feminine, casual outfit and isn’t just for the hipster rockstar (although,  if that’s your thing, it’s great for that style as well).  Urban Outfitters has a far cheaper version ($28 versus $495):


But it has weird dangly fringe bits hanging off of the back of it which makes me not like it as much (also, I think a dangling fringe brushing against my wrist would annoy me). Also in the chunky, wrappy and fun category, but still in the watches for grown-ups category is a watch that’s made of a man’s tie:

winwom1 DSCF1996

The one on the left is by Neves, but I do know that Love, Me carries watches of this style by Halifax’s Pip & Pipper (on the right – for less than the $75 price tag at Neves, without being any less awesome. Possibly more awesome because they come with their own pouch – as you can sort of see in the photo). I also know that guest blogger Jo happens to be a fan of said watches. And she is both stylish and a grown up.

Finally, something fun and something that maybe even Charlotte York Goldenblatt, or maybe Joan from Mad Men, could get behind: a watch necklace.


This is a zipper pull style from Marc by Marc Jacobs that might be a bit too quirky for some (I really like it), but you get the idea. It could go with an outfit that a wrist watch just doesn’t work with AND you still have a way of knowing how much longer until that meeting is over without looking at your wrist or cell phone. Classy, non?

The only watch rule I’m going to lay down is this:


If you’re not headed for a run or to the gym and your job doesn’t involve outdoor elements that could damage a pretty watch, then no. Just no to sports watches. They are for sports. Not for anything else. I don’t care if it is pink.

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