A Star is Born & Fashion Week is in Full Swing

L-A: Just me today! That’s because someone made a fashionably late arrival this weekend. That’s right! BabyG! More details to come (after Ally and El Jeffe send out the Official Press Release), but congrats to the FamilyG on the new arrival.


Bonus: BabyG’s arrival does not conflict with Ally being able to enjoy the season premiere of Gossip Girl. Phew.

The arrival of the bundle of joy means the arrival of guest bloggers! Starting this week, you’ll be seeing more from Jo and Eden, plus new bloggers like Angela and Shawn. Maybe even some more. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do, but not more than you love Ally. Once she’s settled in at home with BabyG and has had some time getting used to being a Mommy, she’ll be back. I don’t know exactly when that will be, but that’s because I’ve never had babies, so I have no idea how this stuff works.

Now, on to the fashion talk.  It’s Fashion Week in NYC! And holy crap do I wish I was there.  My budget forces me to live vicariously through the tweets of The Cut, PR Couture, Coutorture, Refinery 29 and Women’s Wear Daily (plus a few others, just for good measure). If our plan to take over the world/become really awesome bloggers pans out, Ally and I totally plan to be at NYFW next year.

Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted after two days of craftering, so I’m just going to give you a quick round-up of NYFW courtesy of other blogs:

  • Derek Lam on Coutorture: I’m liking some of the colour, especially the purple, and I kind of like the use of polka dots (I know Eden would approve of polka dots). Overall, the collection isn’t doing much for me. I’m particularly disturbed by the lack of pants.


um…what? I hope this is not considered office appropriate.  I think I like the bag though.

  • Refinery29 called Jason Wu’s collection “breathtaking”.  Checking it out on Style.com, I saw a romper I didn’t hate (yes, you read that right: A Romper I Didn’t Hate) and a coat I’d probably maim for:

00070m 00350m

I could never actually wear the romper, but it’s not that bad.  I love the coat so much that I think I’d never take it off. The choice of venue (the St. Regis Hotel) plus the mirrored catwalk is a bit of an eyesore in photos.  I’m sure it was lovely if you were actually there.

  • As you know, we’re fans of Band of Outsiders, so I had to check them out on Style.com. Apparently it was “Malibu in the Seventies” with a bit of Jacques Cousteau. For the ladies, this means some jackets (among other things) that made me wish it was spring already:

00030m 00320m

For the dudes, a lot of really nice suits, more topsiders (without socks) and Jacques Cousteau chapeaux.

00080m 00110m

Although I’m not sure the toque should be worn by guys who aren’t models hired by the designer. You will walk into dangerous hipster territory with that and your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband will probably not approve if you attempt to wear one with a tux. Unless, of course, you are actually an undersea explorer. Then by all means.  (To me, the look is more Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic, but that probably has more to do with my age:  I missed the heyday of Cousteau and I’m fully aware that Anderson was referencing Cousteau in the film).  There was one complete miss in the collection:


I think I like the coat, but the long underwear as outerwear? If I see one celebrity try to pull this off in real life, then I quit.  That goes for regular folk too. Your Stanfield’s are not for wearing outside of the house (unless they are completely covered by another layer of clothing).

  • Ideeli gives us a peek at the Lacoste runway. While I did enjoy the blues, teals, and yellows in the collection (good bye to the nasty dusty rose from last year’s collection), I vote no on pleated front jeans.


  • PR Couture checked out the collection of Season 5 Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall.  I’ve only seen a few of the pics, but it looks very soft and pretty, although a bit too floufy in places for me.


But that’s what I thought of her designs on Project Runway. Sometimes her idea of structural looks too much like cocktail napkins for me, despite that, I usually like her work.

I could probably go on forever reviewing what others have reviewed, but that’d be a bit much.

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