The She Space hauls

My order from The She Space came in on Friday, but I didn’t have time to open it until tonight. Talk about busy!!!

The envelop is small but always contains joy and colours when I open it. If you recall, I mentioned what I ordered in the Sale Alert post a month ago. Yes, it normally takes about a month for the order from TSS to get here – I guess that is the only down side of TSS.

Here’s the Hope Quest quad: Clock-wise from top left: Hope Nomatter What, I am Abundant, I Bask in My Own Light, and I Celebrate ME. There’re certainly 2 more jars of Hope Nomatter What but they are nicely wrapped with little note cards, so I didn’t open them. I don’t normally buy purple shadows, but considering the great cause behind this quad, I wanted to support Heather. And I know a few friends who love purple, so it works out well. Heather recently added Hope Quest 2 – Embracing your Natural Beauty. Same concept, different message. The shades are taupe/plum kinda tone. So now you have more options to choose from, if you decide to jump on the sparkle wagon.

The baggies of One Little Dress look fun, as always with any LE collection from TSS. Quite a nice range of spring colours. I like bold, strong summer colours for sure, but this collection might be more appropriate for work. And they would certainly be used more often, as there are 5 days of work a week 🙂 I personally prefer using the products from these piggies than from full sized jars, don’t know why. Probably too much goodness in a jar overwhelmes me. I have been ordering more piggies than jars and the good thing is they only cost .50 each, aren’t too costly to collect.

The 20 free piggies intrique me quite a bit with the blushes, Cashmere Kisses, Cashmere Stockings and Cashmere Sun, as I haven’t owned any of them. You can click on the picture to enlarge, to be able to see the shades’ names on the baggies. Interestingly, I don’t have any of the 10 shadow samples that Heather sent either. Plus the 2 additional samples I put in (Far Too Free and Faith Without Words), my sample collection grows fast with the arrival of this order.

This is another haul dated quite a while back when Heather had a sale on permanent colours – full sizes. I have had quite enough green and yellow shades, so I went with pink/red tone this time. I took this picture with flash so you can see all the sparkles in the jars. From L-R: Top row: Kitty Kat, Laughing Princess, Halos and Horns; Bottom row: Little Miss Bliss, Storybook Love, and Killer Bees. Aren’t they gorgeous? How am I going able to dip my brush in one of these jars? They are so pretty to touch. Dilema, I know.

My pigment collection outgrows the make-shift container that I store them in. Looks familiar? Yep, it is the box that Valentines or Christmas chocolate comes with. Not counting palettes, lip products, etc., I certainly need some orgnization. Just wish I had a IKEA around here to snag a Helmer to store all my makeup and nail polish. Or at least a RS To Go from Office Depot. Until I can hunt one of these down for my growing stash, I just have to find a way to organize it somehow. A bigger chocolate box, maybe, lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

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