The Voice: Battle Ends

The Voice wrapped up the battle rounds on Tuesday night with four battles, and they might have been some of the strongest yet. In fact, there was more than one where I wasn’t even sure who to root for. So, let’s dive right in and talk duets!

Adam’s Team
Casey Desmond vs. Jeff Jenkins – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
I thought this was sort of a weird song choice on Adam’s part. It’s a classic, for sure, but it’s been done so many times on American Idol, at karaoke bars, etc. that it can come across as very cliche. I expected Jeff to take this one, since he’d performed so well in his original audition. Casey was good, but she didn’t sound as comfortable on the song as Jeff did.
Winner: Jeff Jenkins
This one was kind of a no brainer – Jeff knocked the performance out of the park. It looks like Adam has a pretty strong team!

Blake’s Team
Xenia Martinez vs. Sara Oromchi – I’ll Stand By You
I couldn’t remember Sara’s original audition, but I liked Xenia from before, and the two girls seemed to make a good pair. Xenia sounded a little off at the beginning, and nervous. Sara seemed more confident, but she also had some not so hot moments. To be honest, neither girl blew me away. It was disappointing, and I agreed with Adam – even though I like the song, it wasn’t the right choice for the girls.
Winner: Xenia
Since I wasn’t particularly impressed with either girl, I didn’t really care who won. Xenia is fine, but I don’t think she’s a star. I like Dia, but I don’t think Blake has a very strong team overall.

Christina’s Team
Cherie Oakley vs. Lily Elise – Since U Been Gone
Once again, Christina chose a song I love. I also really liked both of these girls in their original auditions, so I was excited for this duel. I was worried that Cherie’s confidence was shaken right off the bat, since Lily is more of a belter. Based on outfits alone, though, I was rooting for Cherie. Honestly, what was that weird hood Lily had on? It wasn’t even attached to a sweater! Lily sounded like she couldn’t hit the low notes at the beginning – Kelly Clarkson has amazing range – but both girls ended up doing very well. I prefer Cherie, but I thought Christina would choose Lily.
Winner: Lily Elise
While I was hoping Cherie would get to move on, both girls are great singers and I couldn’t be disappointed. Christina’s team of divas looks pretty darn strong!

Cee-Lo’s Team
Emily Valentine vs. Curtis Grimes – Need You Now
I thought this was a great song choice on Cee-Lo’s part since the original is an actual duet with a man and a woman. The fact that there was a bit of a showmance brewing made it even more interesting. The duet wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but the kiss at the end was a nice surprise. Wowza! Emily was kind of shaky, but so was Curtis at times as well. It was close, but I think I would have gone with Curtis.
Winner: Curtis Grimes
I would have been happy with either singer advancing, but Curtis probably deserved it more. Cee-Lo definitely has a strong team, but it’s hard to say if it’s the strongest.

What did you think of the final battle round? Which coach do you think has assembled the strongest team? Do you have a favorite singer yet?

I’m really not sure if I think Adam, Christina or Cee-Lo has the best team, but I’m looking forward to seeing if The Voice can keep its hot streak going through the final stage of the competition. This is when we’ll find out if it’s a really good show, and after a disappointing season of American Idol I’m ready to be swept off my feet.  




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