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The Voice – In Excess

The Voice – In Excess

Sigh. TWO more episodes of The Voice aired this week, which I caught on DVR this evening. I want to continue to watch this show, but honestly, this is too much. But we’ll see how it goes.

Blind Auditions #2

The first episode kicked off with a pretty gal from Brooklyn who could sing OK. She wasn’t amazing, but I thought she had a super radio-friendly voice.
She went with Christina.

Has this show always followed the American Idol formula of displaying the most tragic people possible? One girl was kidnapped. There was a hipster in a coma. Another guy was black in a white neighborhood, and had his jaw wired shut like Kanye. Someone was…fat? I fell asleep during that bit.

This is what The Voice wants me to be like during the show:

The Voice – In Excess

And this is reality:

The Voice – In Excess

And occasionally some of this:

The Voice – In Excess

Abby Lee Miller? You’re my spirit animal. OK, back to the show at hand.

I’ll call it now: The guy who sang “Your Song” wins. This show loves soulful crooners, and he’s cute. He went with Christina, so many homegirl will finally score a win.

One of my favorites from the night was Coma Hipster, who sang “Pumped Up Kicks”. I bet that song wasn’t tremendously overplayed when he chose it, and while it’s not something that shows off his vocal abilities, I thought he did a good job of changing it up a bit. And he’s so twee! I thought he’d be a good fit with Adam, but only Cee Lo turned around.

Blind Auditions #3

The first person to perform on Thursday night’s episode was a white boy who did a surprisingly good cover of “Redemption Song”. But it always kind of bugs me when non-Caribbean people sing Bob Marley songs with an accent. Like, can you really not sing that in your regular voice? Do you have to pretend you’re Jamaican? Do people fake Irish accents when they cover U2? It’s a pet peeve. He went with Adam, and I think they’ll be cool together.

The first sob story of the night was from a kid who used to be in a boy band with Jesse McCartney and now serves sushi to snotty girls. The kid could dance, but unfortunately the judges can’t see that and his voice was just alright. No one turns around, and it’s sad. But hey – what’s Jesse McCartney up to these days? Probably serving dim sum.

Can I rescind my earlier statement about who’ll win this thing? There’s another soulman in the mix, and that’s Nelly’s Echo. He’s also on Christina’s team, so I have a feeling the two guys will be duet-duelling sometime soon.

I thought Damo (that’s a name?) who sang “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls was interesting, and a great choice with Cee Lo. (I didn’t know he wrote that song.) No, the majority of the song didn’t show off her voice. But she proved she can sing in the first couple lines, and she is absolutely overflowing with attitude. That confidence could take her a long way.

I’ve been saying for a while that “Hallelujah” should be banned from these shows, but Nicole’s version on tonight’s episode was stellar. Breathtaking. Moving. Subdued and powerful. I was surprised she went with Adam, I was sure it would be Christina or Cee Lo.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got folks. I hope I start to get more into it.

The Voice – In Excess

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