The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La)

The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La) Last night The Voice aired its first live elimination episode of the season, and it was surprisingly entertaining

Things worked a little differently this time around: Based on votes, the top three performers from Team Blake and from Team Christina would be saved. But then we’d be treated to additional performances from the bottom three performers, so that each coach could save one artist.

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First of all, what’s going on with Xtina lately? She’s been looking good! I mean, the boobs were back last night but the hair and makeup were lookin’ fine.

Before the eliminations we were treated to a performance from Gym Class Heroes and something called a “Neon Hitch”. Good news for anyone who didn’t make the cut on The Voice this week – you’ll never be the worst singer to grace the stage! It was kind of awful. I guess anyone can be a famous singer these days so long as they’re willing to dress vaguely like Rihanna.

Team Blake – The Votes Are In

Blake took his team to a local country radio station (what a shock that everyone who called in was a Team Blake fan!) and talked about putting on a concert. Team Blake looked bangin’ last night, but I have to say Naia’s dreadlocks freak me out a little. Has her hair ever been cut? What might be living in there?

The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La) I was thrilled when Carson announced Erin Willett as the first person to make it through. As you’ll know if you read my review of Monday night’s show, she was my favorite. Next through were Jermaine Paul and RaeLynn. I like Jermaine but wasn’t blown away by his performance, and I felt RaeLynn gave the weakest performance on Monday night. I wasn’t surprised – Jermaine is handsome and Mini Miranda Lambert plays right to Blake’s fan base, but I was incredibly disappointed that Jordis Unga didn’t make it through.

Team Christina– The Votes Are In

Christina took her team toThe Tonight Show, which is way better than a radio station. And they performed! And it sounded great! I think maybe Team Christina even outshone Team Blake in the fashion department.

The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La)

The first person through on Christina’s team was Jesse Campbell. Yay! I love that the old guy got votes. Next were Lindsay Pavao, who I really like, and Chris Mann. Honestly, I would have been happy seeing any of these six people make it through, because Christina had such a strong team.

Team Blake – Last Chance Performances

Naia Kete singing “If I Were A Boy”: This song did Naia no favors – at the beginning it was too low for her, and she sounded off during the chorus. She just couldn’t do it justice, and the song wasn’t changed enough to suit her voice. Even Blake said he wished she’d done something reggae, and Naia retorted that she didn’t have that option. Naia, let me remind you of a guy named Kris Allen. Make the song work for you!

Charlotte Sometimes singing “Iris”: Charlotte has a schtick, and it’s singing like she’s drunk. I kind of dug her blind audition, but from there I think Charlotte’s appeal has steadily declined. It’s way too early to think “Haven’t we seen her do this already?”

Jordis Unga singing “Wild Horses”: Based solely on previous performances and raw talent, Jordis is who I would have put through even before she did her last chance performance. I thought Jordis’s performance was easily the best of the three, and was pleased when all the coaches agreed.

So, Jordis Unga joined the next round for Team Blake. Yay!

Team Christina – Last Chance Performances

Ashley de la Rosa singing “Paris (Ooh La La)”: Ashley’s performance was a touch scream-ey, but I genuinely loved it. She oozed stage confidence and fun, looked like she was having a total blast, and sang pretty damn well. Before even seeing the other two performances, I found myself hoping she’d be saved.

Sera Hill singing “Vision of Love”: Mariah Carey songs aren’t easy, and even though Sera is a decent singer her performance came across as a cheap imitation of the original. It was too boring and low-energy following Ashley’s fun, exuberant performance.

Moses Stone singing “(Breakeven) Fall To Pieces”: Moses is actually a pretty good singer, but that’s not why he’s on the show. His rapping made him different, but unfortunately his rapping didn’t garner votes. And, unfortunately, his singing didn’t hold up next to Ashley or Sera. I was sorry to see Moses go, but I knew this performance wouldn’t warrant being saved.

The judges were a bit split on this one – Cee Lo said he’d choose Sera, Adam said he’s “absolutely” choose Ashley, and Blake said Ashley. Christina agreed – Ashley de la Rosa joins the next round for Team Christina and I hope she finds some fan support.

OK y’all, take to the comments! Who did you like? Who would you have saved?

The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La) The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La) The Voice: Results Show (Ooh La La)


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