The Weight of Waiting


Hospital wait times in Nova Scotia have long been a thorn in the side of government, staff and the patients who use the services of Capital Health. Now, CTV Atlantic is reporting the story of a Beaverbank woman who recently traveled to Mexico to receive surgery due to a 10 year wait-list for a procedure here in Halifax.

Shannon Auby struggled with weight loss for much of her life until a build-up of health risks prompted her to consider bariatric surgery. Shocked at a prospective wait time of up to a decade, and exorbitant costs to have the operation done at a private clinic in Ontario, Auby made the decision to seek treatment outside of Canada.

We want to know your thoughts: What can be done to improve access to health care in Nova Scotia? Do you consider weight loss surgery a critical or cosmetic procedure? Where is the line drawn?

Read the full story here:

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