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things change

My friend Marilyn posted this great link to an article by Molly Hoyne all about how the growth of the internet has changed blogging, how we are all marketing something… and how you should learn to read between the lines.

She has divided the bloogers into stereotypes and I would probably fit into Category 1, Domestic Goddess:) ( ha) Her words ring true. What you read here on my blog is only a fraction of my “real” world. The words and images I put on this page are what I want to tell you, not neccesarily what you want to know. I don’t write about my headaches, my worries, my clothes getting a bit tight around the waist, the sink of dirty dishes and on and on.

I sit here and talk to you about the things that are pleasing me at the moment. Things I want to share. Not as much as I used to but still… I use this place as a bit of an escape, a place to slow down and enjoy what is interesting and good. Yes, I sell things here too. That is how I earn my living and thank goodness for the wonderful internet, linking me to all of you! It allows me to share my work with the world. Without it, I might have taken a different path.

Anyway…worth a read for sure!

Also worth visiting is Steve McCurry’s blog. Enjoy his AMAZING photography! Latest post is mothers and their children from all over the world. He is the National Geographic photographer that took the picture of the Afghan girl with the stunning green eyes, many years ago.

-Steve McCurry

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