Things that go bump…

Look closely… what do you see?
More than a castle and some green hills?

This picture was taken by my dad in Scotland with a film camera about 20 years ago. He was taking a picture of Crichton Castle in the distance while standing in the graveyard of the castle’s chapel, leaning over a stone wall. Much to his surprise, this is what came back from the photo shop. All the other pictures on the roll of film were fine. He had the negatives checked, no one understands why this one picture was so different from all the others. Very strange. It was a clear grey sort of day no haze or fires burning nearby. My mum was with him and was not surprised to see the odd image. They were visiting the new grave of a dear aunt and in the past, this aunt and my mom had spoken about giving each other a sign if possible. She thinks that is who is in the picture. I think it looks like a man. Who knows what it is. Interesting though.

I came across it today and as often as I see it it still gives me goosebumps:) What do you think?

Video: Julia Feltham and Luke Murphy

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