Thinner Thursday: Swift Kicking

It’s that time of week again.  The day that I wake up first thing in the morning with my baby, take a quick trip to the bathroom, and stand on the Wii Fit to weigh-in (while trying to keep my son from crawling all over the balance board and throwing off the weigh-in).

I did the same thing this morning.  Woke up.  Lightened up the bladder a little bit.  Pulled out the Wii Balance Board and giggled with my son as I tried to show him something more interesting than the scale.  I stood with my feet in the center of the board and stared straight ahead of me, trying to keep my center of gravity exact.

This morning, I was putting more weight on my right foot, but by only a percent or two, so I wasn’t too concerned when the Wii Fit told me that I needed to strengthen my abs so that I wouldn’t be off-balanced.

Finally the Wii decided to show me how my weight compared with last week’s.  As the scale crept up, I eagerly anticipated an exciting week.  Last week, I only lost a pound, so I hoped that I would see a big number this week.

Week 0: 164 lbs
Week 1: 165 lbs 12 oz
Week 2: 165 lbs 2 oz
Week 3: 164 lbs 10oz
Week 4: 163 lbs 9 oz (loss of 1 lb)
Week 5: 163 lbs 12 oz
Week 6: 163 lbs 9 oz
Week 7: sick
Week 8:  162 lbs 4 oz (loss of 1 lb!)
Weight Watchers Starts: Initial Weigh in: 159 lbs
Week 15 and Day 1 of Weight Watchers: 156 lbs 12 oz (loss of over 5 lbs total!)
Week 16 and Day 8 of Weight Watchers: 155 lbs 10 oz (loss of 1 lbs!)
Week 17 and Day 15 of Weight Watchers: 153 lbs 0 oz (loss of 2 and a half lbs!!!!)
Week 18 and Day 22 of Weight Watchers: 152 lbs 5 oz (loss of 1 lbs)
Week 19 and Day 29 of Weight Watchers: 149 lbs 15 oz (loss of over 2 lbs!!)
Week 20 and Day 36 of Weight Watchers: 146 lbs 13 oz (loss of 3 lbs!!!!!)
Week 21 and Day 43 of Weight Watchers: 145 lbs 11 oz (loss of 1 lbs)
Week 22 and Day 50 of Weight Watchers: 143 lbs 15 oz (loss of 2 lbs!)
Week 23 and Day 57 of Weight Watchers: 142 lbs 10 oz (loss of 1 lbs and 1% of my weight since starting Weight Watchers)
Week 24 and Day 64 of Weight Watchers: 142 lbs 3 oz (loss of half a lbs)

Half a pound down.  That’s it.
This is not good.  I should be loosing at least a pound and a half a week.  Something has to give.  It is time for a swift kick in the behind.  In my behind.
I think I’ve been getting slack.  Snacking too much and eating a few extra points here and there without tracking it is not going to help me loose any weight.
So, here I am.  At the start of another week.  This time, I am going to be good.  I am going to track every bite that I take.  I am going to focus on loosing weight this week.  Just two and a half pounds to go until I break this 140lbs barrier that I have seemed to gotten myself stuck in.  I don’t remember the last time I was in the 130s.  And that will feel wonderful.  Better than a little nibble of food here and there.
I am going to think of today’s weigh-in all week to help myself kick myself in the arse when I feel like cheating.
And next week, there better be a darn good weight loss!

My son and his 142 lbs Momma.
Photo taken Tuesday, November 16, 2010
8 months, 1 week, 3 days old
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