This Day

I don’t remember everything about that morning. So much jumbles together in my mind. I do vividly remember the nerves, the anxiety, the excitement. I do remember feeling like this day would be one of the most important days of my life. I do remember knowing that this day would change everything. I do remember thinking that this day would be a day I would forever look back upon.
This day was important.
This day.
A day of decisions. A day of proclamations. A day of promises. A day of love. A day of celebration.
This day. A day of I dos.
Three years ago today I walked down the aisle towards someone who wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Three years ago today I promised my life, my love, my body, and my forever to this man. Three years ago today we sealed it with a kiss.
This day. Three years ago. Three years ago from this day.
This day was a day of beginnings, of first steps and of new life. Yet this day wasn’t the whole story – not even a large part of it. It was simply the inciting incident that allowed all the rest of our days to happen. This day was not our Happily ever after. Instead, it was our Once upon a time.
And so, on this day – today – I work towards living out our story. On this day I pledge myself once again to the wonderfully amazing man who deserves to be loved with all the passion that I possess.
On this day, I say I do. Again. I promise to love. I promise to cherish. I promise my everything.
And I will promise it again tomorrow. And every day after that.
Because each new day is this day. Each new day provides opportunity to love. I refuse to be stuck within my Once upon a time.

This day is every day. This day is on our way to Happily ever after.

On this day I pledge my love.
This is forever love.
Happy Third Anniversary, My Love.



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