This Year’s Most Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians favoured the same two baby names in 2017 as last year: Olivia and William. According to Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics, as of Dec. 28, Nova Scotia welcomed 53 babies named Olivia and 60 named William.

Of the 7,646 registered births in Nova Scotia up to Dec. 28, the top 10 names were Olivia, Charlotte, Scarlett, Sophia, Ava, William, Benjamin, Liam, Oliver and Lincoln.

The most popular names usually remain fairly consistent over the years, however, there are a few new favourites this year such as Lincoln, Alexander, Grayson, Jaxon, Thomas, Hannah, Avery, Zoey and Sadie.

Nova Scotia began formally registering births on Aug. 1, 1864. The most popular names that year were Mary and John.

There were 7,646 registered births up to today, (December



Source: Media Release

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