Thoughts on Fall 2010 – aka When Ally Returns to Real Life

AllyG: It has been a whirlwind few weeks in the fashion biz. Seriously, it’s been exhausting reading WWD and for updates coming out of New York, London, Paris and Milan Fall 2010 fashion weeks. You can only hit refresh so many times before you need a nap.

I’m particularly looking forward to finding out what’s hot and what’s not for fall because this is when I trade in my sweat pants for what I refer to as “actual clothes”. I can’t wait. The thought terrifies my husband because he has enjoyed a brief reprieve from my shopping expeditions. Or as he refers to it, “Flat out Lies with Ally”. To be fair, in the past I have used some pretty shady excuses such as, “these shoes? They didn’t fit <insert random friend’s name>, so she passed them on to me” (seriously though? If he believes that he deserves some of the blame. Who buys shoes that don’t fit them? Actually…come to think of it…I believe L-A bought a pair of Ann Taylor boots off of eBay and handed them to me because they were too small for her.  So I guess it isn’t the worst made-up story ever) or, “<insert friend’s name> was cleaning out their closet and wanted me to have this beautiful Rampage purse!”, and my personal favourite, “I got this Nicole Miller dress at Frenchy’s. What a steal!” You get the point, I’m a bit of a shopaholic. Since I’m on the dole this year, or to put it in a more classy light – on maternity leave, I’ve been trying to limit my shopping purchases. The other day I even bought t-shirts at Le Chateau! Economizing! I’m also saving the H&M gift certificate he got me for Christmas for summer, when I can purchase some Back to Real Life clothes.

That was quite the ramble. Fall 2010. Let’s review. Here’s my pics for best:

(All photos from unless otherwise noted)


Apparently the big news coming out of the Prada show during MFW was the “curvy” models walking the runway. I had to dislodge my eyeballs from the back of my head after writing that. I love that Victoria Secret models are considered curvy. I consider them genetic freaks. I say that it in the nicest way possible. Still, I have always loved Prada. In fact, if I had to name my favourite designer it would be Miuccia Prada. As for the Fall 2010 collection…I wasn’t hot on the whole collection, I actually disliked more than I liked. The ones that I loved though, I really loved. I still don’t get why it is being referred to as the Season of Boobs from Prada. states, “If it’s the possession of breasts that’s been bothering model-casting agents for the past few years, this collection was a nightmare scenario for them. The ample bust was the unavoidable focal point of the silhouette, picked out in balconies of lace ruffles and upstanding pointy-bra formations on raised-waist, wide-skirted dresses and coats.”

I don’t see it. Then again, perhaps that’s why Anna W. hasn’t hired me yet.

This is my favourite. The geometric pattern is beautiful and I’m loving the cut of the neck.

Oh, look! It’s “curvy” Miranda Kerr. Sigh. I think this is what bloggers and fashion editors are referring to with all the boobage talk. Again, I don’t get it. Perhaps L-A can enlighten me. I do adore this dress. I’m a sucker for 60’s style dresses.

This totally makes me think of the sexy air stewardess days of old.


Not politically correct, I know, but I totally dig their outfits. Don’t hate.

Vera Wang

I’m not sure if I truly loved the clothes at Vera, or if I was so besotted with the hair that I would have raved about the models coming down the runway in garbage bags. After taking a closer look, I do like a lot of it, but what’s with the comeback of fur? I’m not fan of PETA (I think their tactics are for shit), but I find fur, faux or real, sort of tacky. I’d be mortified to wear it in public. It’s just me perhaps.

It’s just so ostentatious, oui?

I also don’t like the “draping” that was prevalent at Vera’s show.

It screams cougar. And not in a fur way.

You’re probably wondering why I have picked Vera as one of my top picks for Fall 2010. This is why…

It’s just so…downtown. I can’t get enough. It’s classic, but with a little panache. Like this dress…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s gone bad.

And the hair. Oh, THE HAIR.


The look was created by Bumble and bumble hairstylist Jimmy Paul.

Erin Fetherston

I found most of the collections for F2010 to be really dark, brooding and rigid. I’m more of a lighthearted person, so I can’t pull off conservative that well. This is why I find Erin Fetherston so appealing, her clothes look like you can breathe in them. Her collection was also sort of all over the place, which is something I can totally relate to. She had metallic, lace, and lots of orange. I so loved the orange…

A little bit DVF, but with a rock and roll vibe.

Great little cocktail dress. And what do we have here? A little lingerie as outerwear action? Not just for Spring my peeps.

I like how Erin takes the traditional suit and makes it a bit artsy. This vest for example is killer. Seriously. Killer. There is something so polished about it.

Rag & Bone

As previously mentioned, my style is all over the place. While I am totally comfortable in bohemian, I’m also really into a polished suit vibe . Brooklyn Decker wore the shit out of a three-piece-suit in a recent Elle magazine shoot. I’ve been coveting that suit ever since…


Fashionising dot com tells me that this is called the “dandy” trend.

Masculine fashion for women takes a dandy turn in Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2010 – or rather, a more dandy turn. Building upon elements already big in past seasons – like the tuxedo trend and military fashion, the female dandy in 2010 is part Beau Brummell, part Oscar Wilde, and at times a touch of Coco Chanel.

Rag & Bone combined the boho with the dandy perfectly.

Now, I’d probably pair these with some actual pants. That’s just me! I am really into the vest matched with plaid.

I am swooning over the above look harder than I swoon for Billy Bush (ok, seriously, I’m getting tired of talking about The Billy. When’s my intervention with wine? YOU PROMISED.

I realize this was a terribly long post, but it’s a Saturday night (I’m preparing early!) and I’m having way too much fun hanging with my friend, The Internet.

L-A: That was an unusually epic and on topic post from Ally. It was a Gone With The Wind post, minus the dress made from drapes (unless you count the Vera Wang dress).  I’d tell you all about what I want to wear this fall, but I’m not sure what my plans are for the fall. Instead, I’m going to keep it short and I’m going to bullet point it so I don’t get too wordy:

  • Like everyone and their purse-sized dogs, I loved the Prada show. So cute.
  • Don’t really get the curvy thing. I guess they are curvy as compared to other models.
  • The Vera Wang hair is adorable and I am buying Ally bumpits for our blog’s birthday, just so she can create that pretty hair for herself.
  • I also enjoyed the bangs on the Erin Fetherston models.
  • Cute vests.

That is all.

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