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Three Books One Year A Journey of Learning

Three Books One Year A Journey of Learning

Three Books One Year A Journey of Learning

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Today is the first day of the three book diet: three books one year. Chris Brogan first wrote about his 3 book diet a few weeks ago, and as I thought about it for me I decided if I wanted to do this I wanted it to be an actionable journey of learning, of growth. I truly want not to read words, but take them in, digest, and apply. No more a huge pile of books on the bookshelf, just 3 on my night table to be read over a year, to be read and reread, mulled over, to dig deep into.

What are my 3 books?

1. The Bible..

Over the last few years the bible has sat on my bookshelf mostly unread as I embraced Islamic thought. Recently I have been questioning those thoughts. I used to love the bible. There is an old children’s song that goes along the lines. The B-I-B-L-E yes that is the book for me, well I want to fall in love with God’s word like I used too, well actually not like I used to, I want to look at it with fresh eyes, and see where that takes me.

2. The Power of Why by Amanda Lang

Amanda Lang is a well known Canadian Business personality who just happened to be at the ShesConnected Conference with her new book The Power of Why recently. This book is new on the market and in it Lang explores how to harness and develop the power of curiosity. I want to be more curious, I want to ask why, I want to ask the better questions-you know the the kind that lead you to better answers.

3. Its Your Money-Becoming a Woman of Independent Means by Gail VazOxlade

For those who have read my blog for awhile, you know I have followed Gail’s advice for years as I try and become that woman of independent means. I still have lessons to learn as I work on my own personal finances so I hoping by rereading this it helps me on that path. I also hope to share some of the lessons I am learning along the way here on my blog.

Those are my books, if you could only read 3 books this year what would they be, and what would be the reason for choosing those 3? and are you doing the three book diet?


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