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Three from yesterday

One of the advantages of getting up early to sell at the market! A lovely sunrise over McNab’s Island. In the center of frame is a deep sea oil rig brought into the harbour for servicing. Up on the right side is a fake owl to dissuade wee mousies from partying in the building. I am standing on a balcony on the northeast mezzanine level. It was so nice to scoot out there occasionally during the day and have a quiet break. At one point I saw a seal having a look around the harbour. His sleek black head would pop up and then disappear for a bit to resurface in another spot:)

And here we have another buttoneer! Ian Carver wanted not one but two buttons! So cute:)

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An artist and mum to a beautiful daughter. I live in the gorgeous province of Nova Scotia, Canada and write about bits and pieces of my life. Alice is the name of my grandmother, who was an amazing business woman and Paris is a city we LOVE. Art and tea are necessities!


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