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Tips For Enhancing Your Eye Color

They say the ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ so is it any wonder that we’d want to accentuate them? Whether your eyes are blue, brown, green or something in between (like me) there’s plenty of style and beauty tricks to help draw attention to your eyes.

Featured Items: Pants, Joe Fresh, Shoes: Vince Camuto via Town Shoes, Necklace and Crop, Envy Clothing. Hat, Joe Fresh.

The trick to bringing out all the beaaaaaaaaaaautiful color in your eyes is to choose the right colors for eye shadow, your clothing, and your accessories. Did you know that certain colors will draw your eye color out more than others? You want to think about an artists palette, and what colors would be opposite to your eye color, as they will enhance them the best.
If you’re trying to make your eyes pop you want to start with the right eye shadow, and choosing the right color can be EVERY thing. Might I also suggest a little white liner on the bottom lid? This will also help your eyes look bigger, and thus helping to accentuate your eyes as well. Below is a little color guide to help you find the right hues of eye shadow for your eye color.
If you’re eyes are blue: golden, taupe, or warm brown hues will make your eye appear brighter, and accent your eyes perfectly. My eyes can appear more blue on certain days than others, but I know that brown, and golds are always a go-to, and always look great. I love the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette, and I pretty much use it EVERY single day, and am wearing it in these photos.
As mentioned above if your eyes are green or hazel: you’re going to want to stick to purple hues to draw that color out! Think about lilacs, violets or plums.
Brown eyes are kind of the most ideal color to have because it combines the entire color wheel, and you can choose certain colors to draw out the differences. It’s a little harder to go wrong because most colors will be flattering with brown eyes (blue, purple, gold). Bring out the beauty of brown eyes with warm, earthy hues, shimmering neutrals and deep, rich shades like berry, mocha or charcoal.
Toss some colored scarves across your chest, and you’ll quickly discover which colors work best for you.  In terms of bringing out your eye color there’s definitely something to be said about the clothing color you choose to wear. 
For blue eyes your best colors are: classic neutrals, all shades of pink, deep blues, lighter greens.  You can try neutrals for day, and opt for bright pink at night.
For green eyes your best colors are: purple, deep greens, coral, and pale yellow.  Try corals for day, and green for evening. 
For hazel eyes your best colors are: dark neutrals, orange, lavender, gray, burgundy. Do lavender for day, and opt for smokey charcoals for night. 
For brown eyes your best colors are: olive green, soft pink, rich blue and gold.  Go for soft pinks for day, and bright blue for evening. 

When choosing your accessories you can also apply these same colors suggestions (seen above) I know for me personally this necklace with it’s golden hues (From Envy Clothing) always makes my eyes pop. And also it might seem odd that a lipstick would bring out my eyes, but this blue red definitely does. I love the matte lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden I even included them in my gift guide for the holidays (read that post here).
So if you’re looking to get get some extra glances at those peepers of yours consider the suggestions above :) But in all honesty you could wear a paper bag, and if you’re happy with it your eyes are going to pop with confidence anyway! These suggestions are just that, suggestions, and they are meant to be more fun than anything :)
Do you have any tricks for making your eyes stand out blog reader? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to comment below, or hit me up on social media @shortpresents. 
Major shout out to Denis Duquette for snapping these photos, and for Tim Lingley for assisting on this shoot. I had SO much fun joking and carrying on with these guys I kind of forgot we had a task at hand.  Also pay no mind to my sandals we shot these while back (although it was REALLY cold that day too lol you can see my goosebumps in the first image lol).

Hope you enjoyed this look blog reader! If you have any style questions feel free to send them my way! 

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