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Dancer, Dance, Active Wear, Bra

Titika Active

Dancer, Dance, Active Wear, Bra
There’s something about fun workout gear that makes hitting the studio (or gym) a little more exciting. I’m not sure what it is about cool workout gear that gives me an added boost, but in all honestly I’ll take what I can get these days.
As you know blog reader I was away for fashion week in Toronto, and prior to that I was renovating and moving, so I really kind of fell off the band wagon when it came to working out. Having fun things come in the mail when I got home definitely gave me that extra bit of incentive to get back in the studio. 
Edgy and interesting Titika Active Wear pushes the boundaries of what we consider to be active wear. From clever cut outs, sheer paneling, and interesting straps Titika is redefining athletic wear.  To learn more check out their site here >> Titika.ca
In this post I’m wearing the Tulip Tank (available here)  these amazingly comfortable Slash Crops ( available here) which have a great rise, and for anyone who’s athletic you know that super low rise workout wear just doesn’t work. I love wearing crops for dance because I find that my toes tend to get tangled in the bottoms of my pants, and thus resulting in some major clumsy moments, and some bad turns. What I also love about crops is that if they accidentally make their way into the dryer (and shrink in length) it’s allllllll good. I can’t tell you how many pairs of workout pants I’ve lost to this absent mindedness. That being said, I do also love these skinny colored blocked joggers. The “Duran Pant” looks so comfortable, and I love that they are defivation from the typical black workout pant.
And the pièce de résistance is this Matrix Bra (available here) which I’m kind of obsessed with. I’m so into anything strappy, but what’s great about this bra is that it’s very supportive, so if you want to lock the girls down during a workout this bra is your best bet! I’m also loving this one >> Princess Bra with it’s low cut neckline and t-strap back.
These photos were quickly snapped before my modern and hip hop class :) and I wore the outfit for both classes, and I have to say that the items probably performed better than I did lol (I was a little rusty with choreo). Although the slash crops became very appropos given that we did ‘Thriller” in Hip Hop, and we had to channel our inner zombies.  Which I gotta say, we killed it. Just sayin’

Happy Monday! 
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