Top 5 Businesses That Should Have the Option of PayPal Payments

Most consumers are aware that online checkout pages can be fraught with risk, and yet such ease and convenience is too great to give up. Enter PayPal, the perfect solution for internet devotees who prefer to make it out of their favorite sites with their financial details intact. PayPal has proven to be a safe payment option, even under heavy scrutiny in a time of valid online security concerns and horror stories, and it may soon be considered essential for these five commonly-targeted providers.

Retail Stores

Online shopping has stretched beyond the realm of simple convenience to emerge as a surprisingly enjoyable pastime, but it isn’t free from potential pitfalls for buyers and sellers alike. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that PayPal has long enjoyed the business of online sellers who love a satisfied customer even more than a rapid account payment. The availability of the PayPal option at checkout also acts as a legitimacy litmus test for customers, providing the assurance that their chosen store is safe to buy from. Retailers and consumers who have embraced the e-commerce environment have nothing to lose and everything to gain from PayPal’s safety measures

Online Gaming Websites

Gambling online may be a risk in itself but it shouldn’t come with the added possibility of fraud, identity theft and a range of other nasty consequences. Most reputable casinos provide security certifications on their websites, but that’s not the only safety measure at your disposal. Paying via PayPal is your best bet as you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your financial information is well-guarded. It also allows players to easily deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, which makes for an enhanced overall experience. Despite the indisputable benefits, many online casinos are yet to jump on the PayPal bandwagon, but for now, you can find more details at

Food Outlets 

Many consumers associate PayPal with online purchases, not realizing that it also offers the versatility of in-store retail payments. The United States was the first cab off the rank in terms of PayPal adaptability, although there are more locations and businesses being signed on all the time. Further to that, not only have dozens of brick-and-mortar stores signed on to provide PayPal as a payment option at registers, but the same trend has also been seen amongst a range of food delivery giants. With the advent of mobile devices and applications, ordering food has graduated from a luxurious treat to a regular act of convenience, which opens up potential concerns around protective measures for payment information and personal details. Amidst the stratospheric rise of food delivery apps, the addition of PayPal protections can only be a positive thing. 

Streaming Services

The popularity of video streaming services is ever on an upwards trajectory, resulting in an influx of new account holders, and while many viewers choose a platform based on content offering, the range of payment options are just as worthy of attention. Many of the major options currently run on traditional details such as credit card or bank account information, but this is under heavy scrutiny, particularly since services like Netflix have recently received their fair share of unflattering media attention over online phishing scams. As all transactions are tracked and able to be reported in the event of suspicious activity, the option of making payments via PayPal would all but eliminate the risk of irreversible fraud. 

Online Education 

Technology has been an integral part of classrooms and lecture halls for years, and more recently many providers have been forced to adapt their offering to the online environment. Online classes may not be conducive to motivation, but they are a major win for convenience, as long as safe payment options are available. This is particularly important when it comes to high-value products like educational courses, which can cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Not only would PayPal give potential students peace of mind about the security of their payments, but it would also enable universities to receive the funds almost instantaneously – yet another win-win situation.

When it comes to making payments online, safety should always be the top priority, and using PayPal is a step in the right direction. Of course, some online stores and websites are yet to jump on the bandwagon, but as they face an increasingly-conservative, consumer-driven market, it would seem unwise not to provide potential buyers with every possible incentive to spend.

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