Top baby names in Nova Scotia in 2023

Henry is Nova Scotians’ favourite baby name for 2023.

The top 10 names for 2023 are Henry, Theodore, Oliver, Jack, Noah, William, Owen, Liam, Jackson and Olivia, according to Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics.

The most popular names usually remain consistent over the years. There are a few new names gaining popularity, such as Bennett, with some old favourites, like Violet and Charlotte, coming back.

Quick Facts:

  • there were 5,922 registered births this year in Nova Scotia as of December 28
  • Nova Scotia began formally registering births on August 1, 1864, and the most popular names that year were Mary and John
  • Oliver was the top baby name for the province in 2022, with Olivia taking the crown in 2021

Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics top baby names for 2023:

Henry (35), Theodore (34), Oliver (31), Jack (29), Noah (28), William (27), Owen (26), Liam (26), Jackson (26), Olivia (25), Benjamin (25), Violet (23), James (22), Charlotte (22), Ethan (21), Lucas (20), Thomas (20), Bennett (20), Theo (19), Ella (19), Sophia (19)

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