Toronto goodies

I finally got home around 11pm last night (local time of course), exhausted. Glad all the flying was over, at least for now 🙂 Jet lag wasn’t too bad except that I couldn’t sleep when everybody else was sleeping lol.

I didn’t hear much from you guys after my IMATS haul post, guess you weren’t interested in that series, so let’s talk about what I got from Toronto instead 🙂 Through this blog, I have known a really cool friend and fellow blogger (rasilla from In a nut shell) and she has been so kind to help me a few times hauling stuff that I didn’t have access to. I met her finally at IMATS and this is what she got me.

Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Star Ruby, an “antique” as you don’t see these around anymore.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (on sale for CAD.99 each at the time), love these.
First row, from L-R: the glitters – Red Carpet, VIP Pink, Shooting Star, Strobe Light and Rockstar Pink
Second row: Gunmetal, Celeb City, Emeral City, Ivy League and Mellow Yellow.

From L’Oreal warehouse sale: Maybelline Dream Mousse shadow in Heavenly Pink, L’Oreal HIP pigment in Restless and L’Oreal Wear Infinite LE quad in A Little Bit of Glam.

And last but not least, The Body Shop Shimmer Cube #17. The shades from top left, clockwise are Silver Crest, Horizon Blue, Ocean Rock Grey and Deep Down Blue.

She was very thoughtful including some gifts for Squirt as well, as she told me to open the package with Squirt.

The Spongebob pouch came with pen/pencils inside, the ice cream cup was actually a container that housed hair clips and a stocking key chain, and then there’s Crazy Beans. Squirt was happy as a clam 🙂

All the goodies were nicely wrapped inside this awesome pouch.

Accidentally, I have grown my love with purple in the last month or so, probably because I found a few cool purple polishes that actually looked good on my nails, lol. So this pouch is perfect, the prints are chic too.

We also went to dinner together for some real life chit chat after so many emails and twitter DMs. It’s interesting how one could make friends over the internet, as I still suck at making new friends where I live.

And from my dearest store – Winners (but in Toronto), I found Usher Butter Body Cream (7.8oz/ 230ml) for CAD9.99 (retails $54) and Lolita Lempicka Bath Sugar for the same price (retails $55).

I have never seen any of these products in Halifax, was curious about the body cream as there wasn’t any tester. I did have a sniff on the bath sugar jar – as someone opened a box on the shelf already – and I loved it. My friend decided to get the bath sugar for us to test out that night but I didn’t have a chance.

And finally, China Glaze Atlantis.

I was looking for it for the longest time with no luck, as Halifax never seemed to stock this shade.

blu3 over at A Watercolour Sky was so kind to offer to pick one up for me and gave it to me at IMATS. I certainly tested it out right away (i.e. the next day, lol).

I’m so blessed having friends like you girls and I’m thankful. For my American readers, happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We Canadians already got our share of turkey dinners already 🙂

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