I spent the whole day yesterday relaxing with my best friend and celebrating her birthday. It did take a while for all the exciment and feelings about IMATS to die down a bit (funny but true), so I prefered a slow day 🙂

It has been so long since I did any shopping with a girl friend, for some girl stuff. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have a girl friend to shop with. I was so happy going in a store with my friend, chatting about what to buy. My friend got some good stuff with special birthday discount and she also got Squirt some stuff (for birthday and Christmas all together, lol). And I got to eat some good food: green tea and lychee frozen yogurt, Chinese congee for lunch, All-you-can-eat Sushi for dinner. I was so stuffed.

I’m flying to Asia to visit my family this morning, and as you might imagine, it takes a while to get there with air time and transit time and then settle down, so there will be some scheduled post popping up on the blog until I have a real time post for you all.

This picture I took at a beach resort we went to to last time we were home. It was at sun set, very peaceful and quiet. Maybe we could go somewhere like that again this time.

Hope you enjoy my IMATS posts in the last little while, as it has been kinda a big deal for me. Hope it was helpful in some way for some of you. I was so excited yesterday when Koren gave me (and my blog) a shout out on twitter, all thanks to IMATS. It was a valuable experience for me as a beauty blogger.

Community Christmas Tree Lighting

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