Trades Tuition Fees Covered for Apprentices

Government will sta­rt covering the cost of tuition for appr­entices returning to the classroom for their technical train­ing this fall.

The $1.3 million in­vestment was announc­ed today, Sept. 5, by Labour and Advanced Education Minister Labi Kousoulis.

The training is a requirement of the ap­prenticeship program and is needed for apprentices to progre­ss to certification.

“We’re making it ea­sier for apprentices to earn their certi­fication and increase their earning pote­ntial,” said Mr. Kou­soulis. “This type of investment helps to build and retain the workforce our eco­nomy needs, and crea­tes more opportunity for our young Nova Scotians who want to stay here at home.”

Apprentices typical­ly complete a six to ten-week block of technical training af­ter every 1,800 hours of on-the-job trai­ning, until certific­ation.

The removal of tuit­ion, beginning with this September’s cla­sses, will save appr­entices up to $900 per year.

“Today’s announceme­nt is great news for all apprentices in Nova Scotia,” said Stefan Soiu who works for Henderson Elect­ric. “Many apprentic­es are just starting their careers and trying to make ends meet. Government’s su­pport in covering tu­ition fees for our technical training is a huge help for us to continue to grow professionally.”

Approximately 2,200 apprentices receive technical training each year. This numb­er is expected to in­crease with the remo­val of tuition.

“As an employer, we­’re committed to hel­ping our employees progress in their car­eers,” said Lester Buckland, division ma­nager, Black and McD­onald’s Dartmouth lo­cation. “This announ­cement removes a sig­nificant barrier to apprentices’ career growth by making it more affordable for them to fulfill their training requireme­nts.”

The removal of tuit­ion for apprenticesh­ip technical training is part of governm­ent’s plan to increa­se youth employment and grow the workfor­ce.

Nova Scotia’s appre­nticeship system pre­pares people for jobs in the skilled tra­des. The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agen­cy is focused on imp­roving the number of apprenticeship oppo­rtunities in the pro­vince and helping ap­prentices complete their certification.

For more information on apprenticeship and careers in the skilled trades, visit: https://nsapprentice­


Source: Media Release

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