If the cat wasn’t out of the bag that this film goes into some pretty dark places before, it sure is now. Chronicle Pictures has released the trailer for THE CORRIDOR, Evan Kelly’s feature length film that played the Atlantic Film Festival this past September.

My favourite description of the film is now officially “The Big Chill meets The Evil Dead”. Appropriate.

Unfortunately, as far as I know (which believe me, is not much in the world of film distribution) there are no plans for a screening in the near future, so please pass this trailer along and help generate interest. Spread the word, you! I’ve said it before, I’m very proud of this film, and I hope it gets a chance to be seen by more people than just two screenings at the Atlantic Film Festival (nothing against AFF)…

Oh look at me, sounding all jaded and what-have-you in my mid-twenties! What a prick.

Pass it on! (


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